Maxine Hayward-Shott

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Extract Author: Julie Sundin
Page Number: 2004 06 13
Extract Date: 1974

St. Constantines International School

I went to St. Constantines International School in Arusha from 1974 to around 1977/1978 and I remember competing against Arusha International School in swimming carnivals. I was amazed to see a photo (on the school website) of the Tortoise - still going strong after all these years.

I was friends with Maxine and Sam (Samantha) Heywood-Shot (Shott?) and would love to catch up with them again. Would love to hear from anyone who knows them or their whereabouts.

What a great life Arusha gave us - yes the schools were strict, the teachers harsh, the school food often horrid (we got Mrs Cruickshank after she left your school - she was at St Michael's school in Soni before that (my brother had her) - but the memories form some of the best in my life.

Look forward to hearing from anyone. Cheers

Julie Sundin

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Rashna Hackett (Jiwany)
Page Number: 2004 10 29

Rashna Jiwany - Arusha School 1974-1977

I was in Arusha School Between 1974 and 1977. I have very many fond memories of the school. I have been looking for Maxine Hayward Shott. The last I heard she was somewhere in Guernsey. Maxine's father was living up in the Usambara mountains (tea plantation).

Maxine I have never stopped thinking about you, if any one knows her whereabouts please, please get in touch.

Rashna Hackett (Jiwany)

Fantastic site!!! Keep up the good work

[then later the same day]

Wonderful site got all emotional. Looking for Maxine hayward shott. Please get in touch!!!! also please pass my email to Dipak and kirit Patel, i remember them very well.



[then later]

From: Patel, Dipak

Sent: 15 November 2004

Subject: RE: nTZ web site and contacts


Thank you for forwarding the information about Rashna. It's good to see the site growing. I remember Anoop Shah from my period at the school. Rashna I remember the name however can not put a face to the name. Would you be kind and forward this e-mail to Rashna. I will try and contact her directly. Keep the good work. I have some copies of the yearly school magazine. I plan to scan the pictures and the articles for you.



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