Sarah Burnett

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Extract Author: Sarah C Slater ( nee Burnett )
Page Number: 2004 10 24
Extract Date: 1958-1963

Sarah Burnett - Arusha School 1958-1963

I was @ arusha school during the years above.

My parents are Joan & George Burnett. My father was an entymologist, & worked @ the Colonial (Tropical) Pesticides Reseach Institute.

My brother Patrick & sister Victoria were also @ the school.

I think I was in the same class as Vanessa Pope, Elizabeth Cashin, Rosemary Purchase, Geraldine Swynnerton, John Bovennizer, Emile Karafiat, Pamela Carter & Joyce Thompson, Huw Jones, Diana Yeo.

I think Sandro Legnani was in the same class as my brother.

Does anybody remember the Beaumont family who farmed @ Sharok?

Or the McPhillips, an Irish family of 10 children who's mother was a doctor at Meru Hospital?

I remember BL Jones & family well, & Miss Jenkins & Mrs Papadopoulos amongst others.

My parents kept in touch with Paddy Purchase, father of Rosemary, Nigel & Melody & Doug & Margaret Yeo whio were neighbours & colleagues of my father.

My Mum is very ill now. I would love to be able to pass on news to her. She was an artist & used to run art classes on our lawn. Her & my father were very active in the Little Theatre, Arusha. He used to build the sets & she would paint them. I remember being Fairy Crystal Fountain in a production of Sleeping Beauty, in a wonderful white tutu made by a lady, I think Mrs. Bloom, who had been a profesional costume designer.

Does any one remember Narajan Singh, the grocer? I remember it being an Aladdin's cave of sweeties & the lovely kind staff.

My parents moved to Aberdeen Scotland, where they still are. I lived in Scotland until 2000, & now live in Suffolk, England. I would be absolutely delighted to hear from any-one from those idyllic childhood years.

Sarah C Slater ( nee Burnett )

Lots of memories, and names - thank you. I�ll be updating the database in the next week or so, and will include your email, which I�m sure will trigger some responses.

There have been some recent feedback emails mentioning some of your names. Did you see the email from Miriam Pope mentioning the Purchases and the Little Theatre. I�ve also just this week been sent a photo which includes Emil Karrafiat - it should be on the web site with the next update.

As for Naranjan Singh - did you see the clips on the site from Hatari

I heard that after independence he moved to India, and became very rich with a department store. His sons have been in England, and visited someone I know who had been in Arusha in the 1950�s.

Thank you so much for the fascinating information. The web-site is a wonderful resource & the work that goes into producing it is much appreciated.

I printed out some of the pictures of the School, Boma & Hospital ( where I was born) for my parents, which were pored over, & recognised by all the family. They were totally amazed, being internet 'unfriendly'!

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Extract Author: Monica Harper nee DAUBER
Page Number: 2007 08 05
Extract Date: 1960's

Message for Sarah Slater nee Burnett.

I remember your family well. They lived two doors away and I vividly remember being taken to see Patrick when he was first born. He had an amazing wooden cot!

Sarah, your mother was a really talented artist and my father treasued a picture she gave him. The Arusha school site is very nostalgic!! BL Jones, Mrs Fischer, etc. etc.

I am going to Arusha in September to climb Kili before I get too old!!

Hope to see the tortoise, it was still there in 1995 when I was last there.

Yes, I remember the McPhillips family; what about the de Haaf boys? Do you remeber the Christmas Parties at the Club?

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Extract Author: Michael McPhillips
Page Number: 2005 02 04

to Sarah Burnett

I am Michael McPhillips and have come across your message

Nine Kids . My Father was the Resident Magistrate and my mother a doctor. Both parents are deceased as are two of my sisters

Declan (Brother) was in Arusha school. Nick and Bizzy Cashin were our neighbours and lived overlooking the rugby field.

We (my family) are heading to Arusha in April.

I remember the grocer and how we were able to put our sweets on the account,!!

I�ve blind copied this to Sarah, and perhaps she will be in touch with you for a few more reminiscences.

Do consider sending an email after you visit in April, I�m sure there will be many interested in any account you have of the changes you observe.

I may also be in Arusha in April � maybe we�ll bump into each other somewhere.

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