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Nettelbeck, David A history of Arusha School, Tanzania
Page Number: 81
Extract Date: 1928 - 1964


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Extract Author: Michelle Donaldson
Page Number: 2008 11 14
Extract Date: 1946-1949

The Tortoise at Arusha School

My Mother was a teacher at Arusha School 1946-1949. She lived at the school, myself and my sister used to play on the school grounds while she was teaching. I used to spend a lot of time with that Tortoise on the grounds. The Tortoise used to spend a all of his time by the big trees near the playing field. (of course the trees might not be there now)

Many times through the years I have thought of the Tortoise and how he is doing.

I hope someone can update me.

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Extract Author: Alex King
Page Number: 2007 11 13

The teacher list is slightly wrong

S H King should be :-

S M King 1964-67 (My Mum now living in Altona, Melbourne Oz)

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Extract Author: June Bugenyi
Page Number: 2007 10 30
Extract Date: 1976- 80

June Bugenyi. Arusha School 1976-1980

Hi guys, I am June Bugenyi and I was at Arusha School between 1976 and 1980. I was going through the internet and I came across this website and I was reading at the stories and I have been really touched�it has reminded me of the people whom I thought I will never ever see them..

My teachers- Late Ms Smith, Ms Heddles, Mrs D'Souza, Mrs J Musana, Mrs M Musana, Mr Kaale, Mr Mkombo, Mrs Enock"

My mates- Eunice Bilal, Malaika Feeley, Patricia Shango, Beatha Mworia"

Not fogetting my team NORTH- I am telling you until this day I like green because of NORTH house in Arusha School.

I am currently in the UK working (has been here for about 2 and half years now�finished my Masters then desired to work here'still settling in. I do plan to go to Tanzania late this year or early next year and I will go to Arusha School.

Please may we keep in touch and share the precious memories we had when we were children.

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Extract Author: Mr. Kaniki
Page Number: 2008 10 07
Extract Date: 2006

Arusha School's New Headmaster

Arusha School has a new Headmaster. After retirement of Mr.M.Kiduma 2005, Mr.F.Nkurwa who was the Second Master took the office as the Acting Headmaster from 2005 up to 2006; then the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, Headquarters posted the new Headmaster, i.e. Mr. Hamisi Kaniki who took the office from 2006 - to date.

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