Arusha School Tortoise

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Marsh, Colin Private Diary
Extract Date: 1994

the Giant Tortoise

David had only just mentioned about the Giant Tortoise he used to play with, when, coming out, there it was - 40 years later - what an incredible sight to see, and a wonderful animal. On returning to Zambia I [Colin] meet Charles Lasierre who went to the school about 1940, and the tortoise was there then.

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McFarland, Alan Photos of Arusha School
Page Number: 11
Extract Date: 1940~

The famous school tortoise

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Michelle Donaldson
Page Number: 2008 11 14
Extract Date: 1946-1949

The Tortoise at Arusha School

My Mother was a teacher at Arusha School 1946-1949. She lived at the school, myself and my sister used to play on the school grounds while she was teaching. I used to spend a lot of time with that Tortoise on the grounds. The Tortoise used to spend a all of his time by the big trees near the playing field. (of course the trees might not be there now)

Many times through the years I have thought of the Tortoise and how he is doing.

I hope someone can update me.

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Mark Morgan Mark Morgan
Page Number: 2004 02 21
Extract Date: 1947-1955

Bill Morgan was a master at the school

I have just come across this interesting site, while gathering information for a return visit to Arusha later in the Year.

I was very pleased to read the history of Arusha School as my farther, Bill Morgan was a master at the school from about 1947-1955 (I think those dates are right) He was teaching there before the war and then returned after.

I have three brothers we where all born in Arusha and later moved with dad when he went to Oyester-Bay School in Dar, and then later to Mbeya. My elder brother was then a boarder at Arusha before we all where sent to school in the uk.

It was good to see photos of Bryn Jones,a great family friend ( he was kind enough to marry both my self and both of my brothers) he sadly died several years ago, but my mother still keep in contact with his widow.

Seeing the photo of the late Princess Margaret's visit to the school. I was actually in the photo( the top of my head) we have a copy in the family album, and the photo of my farther being presented had pride of place on my grandmothers T.V

We have many photos of the school, and activites going on, which you would be quite welcome to to put on the site.

I am looking forward to my visit in September but hope that the School and Town have not changed to much, but it is nearly 50 years since I was last there.

Will give the site address to my brothers so they can have a look

Mark Morgan

Thanks for your feedback and interesting email. Sorry for the delay in replying.

I received, at about the same time, an email from Andrew Hannah, at the school from 1957-60, although he had brothers there before him, and he lists Morgan as one of the teachers he remembers. I�ll put his, and your, emails up on the web site at the next update.

I think I was just out of the shot of Princess M - my duty was to hold the door open for her as she came in. I�ve got lots of other stuff about her visit, which I haven�t yet had time to publish on the site.

But if you have photos and other anecdotes, I�d welcome copies for inclusion.

You will greatly enjoy revisiting Arusha. It�s changed much in the last ten years or so since I�ve been going back. From being a shabby backwater, it�s now a vibrant small town, and slowly cleaning itself up. However, flying over it can be horrific in that it reveals a huge shanty town, just as poor as any slum in Nairobi or Johannesburg, but totally hidden from the main tourist throughways.

I called in on the school last May, and found one teacher very happy to show me round (and the tortoise is still there). The buildings are nearly all the same. The roofs have reverted from tiles to bati sheets. The dining hall still has the same long tables and sideboards, and the trophy boards on the wall. But whereas there were less then 300 pupils in the 50�s there are now 1200.

The headmaster was very busy, but pleased to see me (I think).

Do tell me more about your trip - have you allowed time to explore Arusha, and a guide to take you round. Most of them just want to get out of town as fast as possible and get you out to see the game. Where will you be staying?

Apart from the obvious risks, I felt I could walk around the main part of the town with my eye�s shut. All the road layouts are still the same, and many of the buildings are unchanged. You�ll be going round saying, Ah, I remember that.

Back in 1994 we found the old maternity ward in the Arusha Hospital where my brother was born - and maybe you.

The photo I took of it ( ) appeared on the BBC web site recently - but they claimed that it was obtained from a press agency in Dar es Salaam!

I could go on . . .

Hope to hear more from you.


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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Mark Evdemon
Page Number: 2009 03 21
Extract Date: 1949

Arusha School tortoise

Habari yako, I was surfing around and found your page and was 'thrilled' to see that our mascot tortoise is still at the school. I was also reading that your name is up on the Mt. Meru climb board. My name should be there also. I graduated in 1949 and then went to Prince of Wales, in Nairobi. I left East Africa in 1957 and came to the USA.

Link is to a brief story page I made.

Write me if you feel like it�.Kwaheri for now, Mark.

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Tricia Barton (nee Lane)
Page Number: 2007 04 26
Extract Date: 1950-52

Tricia Lane Oldeani 1950-52

I have pictures of Oldeani and wondered how I can send them to you for your Arusha site.

I was at Oldeani from 1950 - 1952. I remember the tortoise at the school in Arusha, although I seem to remember that there were two of them.

I loved your site and seeing familiar names. Lovely memories.

Tricia Barton (nee Lane)

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Dr James Eva
Page Number: 2007 12 31
Extract Date: 1958-63

James Eva - Arusha School - 1958-63

I lived at Geita gold mine near Mwanza from 1951 to 1966.

My sister Sheryl attended Arusha scool from 1957, and I joined her in 1958. We were there until 1963, after which she went to highschool in England, and I went to St Mary's in Nairobi.

During our time Mr Hampshire was headmaster, 'BL' Jones was vice principal (and in charge of sport and Meru-climbing), and a Miss Bailey was the fierce matron in charge of dormitories.

The old tortoise was already old (we said 100 years) back then, and I am amazed he is still around!

I was good friends with 'Schmedjie' Schmedgebakker, whose parents were Finnish and lived at Moshi, Mark Orr, whose dad was the gameranger in charge for Ngorogoro game park, Allan Sanger, an English boy, Rudiger Vogs, who, like me, came from Geita, and Robert Masimba, one of the first African children to attend the school.

I am delighted to find this very sentimental site. I will be taking my wife to visit Arusha in 2008.I am a very busy consultant Psychiatrist in Cornwall, UK, and have not until now spent the time to do that. Thank you for the reminder !

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Richard Dawtrey
Page Number: 2004 04 15
Extract Date: 1960 -1966

Richard Dawtrey - Arusha School 1960 -1966 ish

Have found the site on Arusha school

Found a name I know would like to contact Sarah Holland

Can my address be forward to her ?

I�m sending Sarah a bcc of this email, and will leave it to her to contact you.

Thanks for mail about Sarah, she has been in contact, which is great

I should give you some things I remember about school. 1960 -1966 ish

Myself and my brother Philip lived in Mbeya in the 60's and travelled up to school in an old EA bus which took

three days. There were about 6 of us including Louisa Sossi and her brother, Najib Kahn and others I can't

recall just now. On one trip the bus left the road and rolled over and a photo has been attached, I'm the one

leading the group ot the back of the bus.

There are things I remember about school like having to clean shoes on the grass in the quad at weekends.

The big picture in the dining room and that food, I seem to remember dark brown minced beef on toast or was the Mbeya School where I also went.

I read something about tunnels in the river bank which we used to do as well it must have been a trend at school.

Remember making dams in the river as well.

I'm not sure but a coulpe of some of us making a big hole outside the bathroom window on the playing field side

to find spent bullets and cases, goodness knows where thay came from, I still have them somewhere.

The bell made from a railway track, the giant tortoise, which I believe is still alive.

Avocado pears that were eaten to keep the strengh up due to the poor food.

I seem to remember doing nativity plays on the cricket field or was that some other school in africa?

I used to come up from Tanga later in my school life and and asian chap used to come to Moshi to collect

us in a tatty old Ford van which used to backfire all the time.

Climbing up Meru and trips into local game parks

Well happy days but I'm not sure I felt that at the time

Richard Dawtrey

South House Arusha School

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Naomi Wilson
Page Number: 2007 12 22
Extract Date: 1960's

Arusha - the School - memories - the tortoise - Bill and Ruth Wynn Jones

My siblings and I returned to Africa after some 56 years last October.And what a memory trip it was.

We were all born at Arusha, and lived upstairs at the school with our parents Bill and Ruth Wynn Jones who you have so kindly included in your history - and for which I thank you.

Found the information on our parents so informative as a backgound for us - thank you.

You mentioned Dick Feurhead in you history - he was my godfather and was of course involved with the school. Just last year I met his wife Shirley - not having seen her for 56 years - she is living in Australia - and we shared memories of Arusha.

Found the tortoise that our father introduced to the schaool, and of course have 'the photo' straddled on its back. There were originally two which dad brought to the school. We were welcomed by the staff and went upstairs to our old home.

Found the pool (in need of repair) which dad cnstructed in the early days - the school in many respects is still the same as I recall it as a young child. My siblings - John Tim and Sue all attended the school - I attended as an overnight visitor many times when our father visited the school after he had moved on to Diocesan work as Bishop.

Was to have attended the year we returned to Australia after our father died. We visited the home our parents had purchased (with view to retirement) whilst at Arusha. No doubt Arusha will call us again not that we have been back.

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nTZ Feedback
Page Number: 2007 08 24
Extract Date: 1963-67

Stan Fourie, Arusha School, 1963-67

Enjoyed looking through the Arusha School site.

Was a former pupil (1963 -1967).

My father was in the Vet. Dept and a former pupil of the school (1930s).

Various cousins as well as my elder brother and two sisters also attended. Great memories of the school (and the tortoise). Have still got an autograph book from that period which has a small painting by Joan Burnett (our art teacher), another by Sally Northwood (teacher) and Miss C DaCosta (Matron).

Some class mates included Robbie Sossi, Mike Rothblitze, Ivan Da Silva and the Ashdown twins (Gus and Andrew).

Returned to Arusha last year after 38 years and took my wife and young daughter to the school. The Headmaster (Mr Nkurwa) was very pleasant and helpful and allowed us to tour the buildings and grounds.

We were delighted to find the old tortoise still going strong! Took several photos but unfortunately the grounds/swimming pool were not well maintained but it was still great to do a trip down memory lane.

I was also pleased to meet George Angelides again as his parents and mine were very good friends.

Would like to hear from any body who may remember me or my family.

Kind regards Stan. Fourie

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Fiona Musana-Hannig
Page Number: 2003 12 11
Extract Date: 1976-1984

Fiona Musana-Hannig - Arusha School - 1976-1984

Greetings from Indonesia!

I am so happy to find such a resourceful and interesting website on a school I hold so close to my heart. I was there from 1976 to 1983 and I will never forget this school. Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful update..

I now live in Jakarta, Indonesia and have memories of Arusha School that will be forever etched in my mind. I will be visiting Tanzania this year, top on my list is Arusha School. I look forward to seeing the tortoise.

Is there an Alumni in existence?

Thank you!

Fiona Musana-Hannig

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Aileen Mallya
Page Number: 2004 05 26
Extract Date: 1990's

Aileen Mallya - Arusha School 1990's?


well i guess i fall in a younger generation of Arusha School Alumni, but all in all.. comning across this site really made my day. It's lovely to read all the beautiful memories people have of Arusha school.

Well, just to let those who were there in the 70s and 80s, some teachers are still there today, the likes of Ms Ngowi, Ms Walala, Mr Kaale and they are still going strong...

Our darling Tortoise is still going strong too...

As for Allen Moore, the old colonial house you lived in is still there...i live in the same area...

i hope you will soon be able to establish an official alumni site.

keep up the good work!

All the best.


Aileen Mallya

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Martin Davis
Page Number: 2003 03 02
Extract Date: 1951-1960

Davis Family - Arusha School 1951 - 1960

We are the Davis Family, our father was Senior Superintendent Basil George Davis of Karanga Prisons, Moshi.

The Davis Children Joan, Joyce, Mary, Martin and Peter went to Arusha Boarding School - between 1951-1960.

On our family reunion to Tanzania in 2000 we visited Arusha Boarding School and we are happy to report that the Tortoise was an elderly gent but still going strong!! and still loved by all the children.

I remember most of my time at Arusha I spent outside Mr Hampshire's Office or visiting the matron M's Debeer!! For getting caught off my bed during siesta time!!

Still very happy days!!

We spent 13 wonderful years in Tanganyika and left when independence came about in 1961.

Joan still speaks swahilli like a native and was well at home on our reunion, the rest of us struggled a bit with the language!!

We plan another visit in Feb 2005!! Do you still live near Moshi?


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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Anoop Nathwani
Page Number: 2004 12 20
Extract Date: 20 Dec 2004

The kobe (tortoise)


i have already written a few words dates in february 2004

i was in Arusha School btn the years 1984-1989 and now that i m residing in the uk...i mis those lovely days and that lovely town too that i m always and will always be associated with

pls do find the attached photo of the kobe that one of my cousin who stays in arusha took it for me

when ever i get the chance to go to east africa i make a point to go ans visit the school

how it has changed those lovely old tress been cut down...but still it brings the good old times i had

if ther is anyone during those times pls do pass them my email.

thanking you in advance


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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Joyce Walala
Page Number: 2007 08 22
Extract Date: 2005

Those were the Days

I like browsing over the net. I am so Impressed with Fiona Musana keeping update with the school. I become so sentimental whenever I think of thse days, real arusha school. I last visited in 2005 and yes Mr tortoise is still there.

But it is sad to see that all the space that used to be swings and beutiful playgrounds ..all gone. Latest news Mrs Walala is retiring sept 14, 2007 on her 60th birthday. wish her all the best Mwalimu.

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Holland, Rodney Trip to Tanzania
Page Number: 5
Extract Date: August 2005

Obligatory picture of tortoise!

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Arusha Times
Extract Author: (Photo by Raymond John)
Page Number: 504
Extract Date: 8 Feb 2008


The tortoise at the Arusha School is reported to have been there since 1930s. Here it "Poses" for a

picture with some of the school's pupils. (Photo by Raymond John)

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