Federick Allen

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Extract Author: Simon Hales
Page Number: 2005 01 28
Extract Date: 1948

Seeking information about Allen family

I was wondering if any family members you quote, remember any Allen's who bought a farm in Tanganyika during the late 1948 onwards.

I realise that Tanganyika is a very large area, but its an enquirey in the off chance someone remembers their name.

There was Frederick Allen, his wife Gladys Allen and sons Tony and Maurice as well as her dtr Gladys as well.

Any info would be great but I realise the chances are slim.

I am trying to compile a family tree.

Many thanks

Simon Hales


I don�t think I can add any more information to that which is already on the web site, so I�ll add your email to the feedback section, and see if anyone responds.

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