Dermot John Dunn

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Extract Author: Chris Wilson
Page Number: 2004 11 19
Extract Date: 1940's

Researching my Grandparents

I am writing with reference to your excellent web-site.

I am currently researching my Grandparents life story which is tied into East Africa.

My grandmother, MARGARETHE HUGHAN (Maiden name PLIVA, First Married name Dunn) lived with Dermot John Dunn one of the main developers of the Iringa Highway in the late 1940's. They lived in Arusha and mother was actually born in Mwanza.

My step-Grandfather, James HUGHAN was one of the main engineers during the construction of the highway. He actually controlled the workforce and heavy equipment at the head of the route through the wild.

He later went on to help in the construction of the Ruvu Water Works near Dar-e Salaam.

I have only laid out a very brief outline of the facts, but I wondered if you would have any records or information relating to their time in Africa. If you require any further details I would be glad to help.

I do hope that you can help, my Grandparents are now 92 and 86 and their time in Africa was a highlight of their lives.

Many, many thanks.

Yours Sincerely,


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