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Extract Author: Emil Karafiat
Page Number: 2005 01
Extract Date: 1959

Dieter Czurn's Info on the Trappes and Emil Karafiat

Dear whoever!!!

I have just found some info on the Trappes / Czurns / and Emil Karafiat / and the Arusha School Alumni of up to 1958. Is there anything on the alumni of 1959ff?

I am Emil Karafiat and would like to get in touch with former pupils of Arusha School as well as with the Czurns. Unfortunately, there is no link on that particular website. Incidentally, I have founded an NGO based in Switzerland, which helps build schools in Northern Tanzania. So far we have built a primary School, a water pipeline of 1.6 km to the school and are currently completing a secondary school in the area. A high school will follow. Our project is currently financed by donors in Switzerland and, we hope, will also be joined by other countries in Europe and the US.

With best wishes Emil Karafiat

Thanks for the email. By bcc I am copying Dieter Czurn, so perhaps he will get in touch with you.

So far I have made it a policy not to put email addresses on the web site, not so much to preserve privacy, but more to avoid providing address for spammers.

I think that all the Arusha School Alumni from the 1958-9 time who have been in touch with me are included on the web site.

If you have time it would be interesting to hear more about the school(s) you are involved with, and from the past any more you can add for the web site about your time at the school.

Thank you so much for enabling Dieter Czurn and myself to get in touch. You are doing a wonderful job. I am most impressed with your website ntz. I shall supply you with information on my work in due course. You might throw a quick glance at our website We have a German and an English version. You may publicize the link if you think it is suitable. Unfortunately, I must admit, it could do with an update. Cheers Emil

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Arusha Times
Extract Author: Amani H. Mchau
Page Number: 432
Extract Date: 12 Aug 2006

From tree shade to modernity

Kisimiri Secondary School in Ngarenanyuki ward now has a modern high school after running under tree shades and in an old building since 1994.

The Kisimiri school which is the only co-educational special talents school at A level in Tanzania now boasts of modern buildings including sufficient teachers quarters surpassing even better placed urban- based schools.

This positive development at Kisimiri school has come about through an Arusha born President of Swiss Intermediate Education Fund, Professor Emil Karafiat, who was also brought up at Kisimiri until age of 12 years when his mother died. His father had to be sent home to Switzerland due to illness and died in 1965. He also had to leave Tanzania then.

Karafiat said Kisimiri, his childhood residence, had never gone out of his memory so he made a point of visiting it in 1994 and found students attending lessons under trees and in a dilapidated old estate buildings something that gave him a strong feeling to extend support towards the village.

So on return to Switzerland he started mobilising supporters to contribute towards a fund to develop the Kisimiri secondary school.

Karafiat told The Arusha Times that among the respondents towards Kisimiri school was Professor Nava Settler, the President of Swiss Talent Foundation who decided to take care of the high school. He transformed what was once an eyesore to a well- furnished co-educational special talents high school after the government of Tanzania had given him a go- ahead.

Professor Karafiat said he has prepared enough solar panels for supply of power in the school as the area has no electricity. The school, he said, must have computers and satellite communication system for better global contacts for the students and teachers.

The Swiss supporters have also planned to offer annual study tours of three weeks for teachers working in secondary schools based in Arumeru district to give them exposure and hence improve their teaching proficiency.

Karafiat was born in Arusha municipality (then township) in 1951, brought up by his parents in an estate at Kisimiri until he was 12 years old in the early sixties. He is now a Professor of English at the KME University in Switzerland.

He thanked the people of Tanzania and the government for their cooperation and commitment and promised to go on supporting educational efforts in Tanzania as he believes education is a pre-requisite in any meaningful advancement of humanity.

The founding head of the Kisimiri High School, Abner Mrema, said the school that he and his colleagues started under the forbidding conditions has at long last grown into the present ultra-modern institution through the efforts of Professor Karafiat who had decided to extend a helping hand to the villages of his childhood.

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