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Extract Author: Jayne Ferrier
Page Number: 2005 02 06
Extract Date: 7-8-1950

names of ships

My polish family were in ifunda Tengeru, they left there 7-8-1950 from dar es salaam to sail to the uk, no.t281,

is there a list of ships that left at that time, or any information on the names of people that were in the camps.



I�m sorry, but I have no immediate information which might help you.

I�ll put your email on the web site, and maybe there will be a response from someone who can help.

Maybe the researchers behind the General Langfitt story http://www.immi.gov.au/research/publications/langfitt/

May be able to help, but I have no more idea about how to contact them

Good luck in your enquiries, and if you find any information which may be of interest to other, please do pass it on for publication on the web site.

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