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Extract Author: Alan McFarland
Page Number: 2005 02 14
Extract Date: 1935 - 1943

Alan McFarland - Arusha School 1935 - 43

I went to Arusha from 1935 to 1943. Mrs Goode was the Matron and I remember her very well. I was only 5 years old. I can still taste the tablespoon of liquid quinine received from her every night - and feel the red hairbrush that delivered some well deserved whacks! We loved her dearly.

I have a few photographs of pupils from that era. I would like to see the photographs that Helen Goode has of her maternal grandmother.

Alan McFarland.

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Extract Author: Alan McFarland
Page Number: 2007 07 10
Extract Date: 1935-43

Alan McFarland, Arusha School 1935-43

I remember my days at Arusha School from 1935 to 1943.

David Read was at Arusha before me; his story of the end-of-term road journey from Arusha to Dodoma was often endured by me. The military convoys that travelled that road during the war littered that awful route with many wrecked vehicles.

I also remember Tinker Holyer,Tom Porter,the Bousefields, Ko Dam, Werner David, Jimmy McCallum, John Dare, Rolf Damman, Mary Reid and on and on.

I am not about to write a book, but would like to have a natter with anyone who went to Arusha during those exciting days. I am married with three grown kids who are living not far from me in the U.S.A. Incidentally I served in the British Army during the Korean War and had some mad moments in Northern and Southern during 'the troubles'. Nuff said.

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Extract Author: Ian Hamilton
Page Number: 2009 03 24
Extract Date: 1937

Friends of Alan McFarland and David Read

Thank you for putting together such a good web site, worthy ones of East Africa are rare.

I would like to make contact with Alan McFarland, who in your extract ID:5422, says he knew my mother Tinker Holyer when they were at Arusha School.

Furthermore, David Read in extract ID: 4176 says Jeff Hollyer and David How-Brown were to remain friends for the rest of his life, Jeff Hollyer was my mothers eldest brother, he later became a cattle buyer. I am hoping that the gentlemen in question are still alive and willing to correspond.If for any reason they are unable to communicate, say, due to poor health, could you please inform them of the connection and pass on my regards.

I and some of my siblings were born in Kampala, Uganda, we made a memorable safari in 1957 to visit my uncle in Kisumu and then onwards to my grand parents in Morogoro followed by a spell in Dar-es-salaam before coming to the UK in 1958.

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