Christa von Mutius

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Extract Author: Christa von Mutius
Page Number: 2005 02 14
Extract Date: 1950's

Christa von Mutius - Arusha School - 1950's

Sanya Juu

My mother and step-father (Bill and Nana Seitz) farmed not far from the Ulyate family and my two brothers (Bertie von Mutius and Barry von Mutius - both now deceased) and I went to school at Kongwa (I think) with some of them. Certainly I was friendly with Valerie Ulyate.

Our farm was called Molomo. Before his death Bertie ran a safari business from Momella, a beautiful lodge not far from Usa River and with wonderful views of both Meru and Kilimanjaro. I also attended Arusha school and knew the New Arusha Hotel very well.

Great to read about those wonderful places! What a privilege it was to have grown up there!

Christa Bond (nee von Mutius)

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Arusha School Magazine
Page Number: 18-19
Extract Date: 1955

Guides ~ Brownies ~ Birds in the Wood


The Guides of the 1st Arusha Company meet once a week, on Tuesday, when we pass our tests and play games with our captain, Miss Kennedy and her lieutenant, Miss Lovell.

This year, we Guides have been quite busy helping at certain fetes and making ourselves smart for special occasions.

On February 22nd, Thinking Day, there was a great gathering of Guides and Brownies in the school grounds. Mrs. Child, the District Commissioner, was present and also Mrs. Mahon, who made a speech. On this occasion we had a very large camp fire. Every Company" African, Indian and European" helped to light it. Afterwards, we entertained each other with camp fire songs and dances.

During the second term of the year, Miss Knight, a Trainer from England, came to Arusha and we cooked our lunch with her. This was great fun as most of us had never done it before. All the patrols worked hard, some cooking the stew, others making a fruit salad, and the third patrol collecting firewood.

The third term has been even more eventful. Lady Twining came to the school where all Guides and Brownies had gathered, to present Mrs. Cubison with the Beaver Award, the second highest in Guiding. Lady Twining inspected the Companies and then returned to a platform, decorated in blue and yellow, to make a speech and present he award. The African Guides then sang songs and an Indian Guide signalled congratulations to Mrs. Cubison in Morse.

Also this term there has been a Church Fete, at which the Guides helped with a stationery stall. At the Red Cross Fete we took round a cake for people to guess its weight. At the Air Rally, which was held at the Arusha Aerodrome, the Guides and Scouts sold programmes to the spectators.

So, this year the Guides of the 1st Arusha Company have been working very hard to keep the third law, which is to be useful and to help others.




All Brownies and Guides took part in a Thinking Day Ceremony. The bonfire was built carefully by the Scouts and about a quarter of an hour before the ceremony was to take place a P.W.D. labourer set fire to the pile of "taka-taka", as lie called it, and we all had to help gather more wood to build another bonfire. We were very grateful to the Scouts who left their meeting to help us. Mrs. Mahon made a speech after the fire was lit.

In June, Miss Margaret Knight, a Guide Trainer from England, visited us. She stayed three weeks in the School. She was very busy and was not able to come to many Brownie meetings, but we hope when she comes back she will visit us again.

Before Mrs. Child left for England, the 1st Arusha Pack had a very nice tea, followed by games, in her garden.

The 3rd Arusha Pack have had some pleasant picnics by the river.

Judy Swaffin, Angela Cooper, Helen Speed and Susan Phibbs have passed all the tests for the Golden Hand Badge. Three of them are now in the Guides.

In October Lady Twining visited the School. All the Guides and Brownies from Arusha District were there. This was the biggest parade the Brownies have ever attended. Lady Twining walked round and inspected everyone on parade.



As I walked through the quiet woods,

Two little birds with feathered hoods

Flew from under a willow tree

To see who the stranger could possibly be.

They looked at me with their little bright eyes

And now and then they snapped at the flies,

But when they saw it was only me

They flew back under the willow tree.

I wondered why they were anxious

To keep all strangers at bay,

So I stepped a little bit closer

But the two little birds flew away.

Christa von Mutius, Age 13 years

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Extract Author: Daniel Von mutius
Page Number: 2008 08 07
Extract Date: 2008

momella, sanya juu and arusha

I have just read the msg left by Charles Didham.

Nana and Bill Seitz are my grandparents. Unfortunately both of whom have passed away. They had 3 children, Barry, berti and Christa.

Barry and Berti (my father) are sadly both deceased. Christa is now living in henley-on-thames in England.

Barry married Johanna and they had one child Oliver. They both now live back in germany.

My Mother, Stephanie von Mutius, is currently living in england. Her familly the Pierre-nina's still resides in Arusha at oldonyo-orok lodge (now called 'Hatari Lodge') and ngaresero lodge in Usa River.

I would love to get in contact with anyone who knew any of the above mentioned people or anyone associated to them.


Daniel von Mutius

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