Royce Hall

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Busemeyer, Karl Ludwig (Mucky) Log-Book about an Airship-Expedition to Tanzania
Page Number: 10
Extract Date: 30 1 98

We visit Dr. Hall

and 31.01.

We left Arusha at 09.00 to visit an American eye surgeon, Royce Hall, living in the mountains of Monduli, 60km away. Monduli is a little Maasai village where he had built up a little clinic from his own funds. Mike Toogood and Tony Pascoe from Serengeti Balloons are good friends with Royce and told us to visit his place. We had been told that the roads were in a bad condition. Bad?! The road to Dr Hall's was beyond description. The clinic is situated on top of the mountain, where we did not dare to take the truck, so we left it and went on in the two Land Rovers. It was early afternoon before we arrived!

The area was picturesque, but the weather was not. A steady 25 knot wind! Our airship carried banners to promote Royce's clinic, and the idea was to create some positive PR for him back in Germany. We had already collected some money at home, along with an eye mirror. Royce even closed his clinic to join us and the German TV team, but the weather was against us for the next two days...

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