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Extract Date: 1930's

In 1930 �

In 1930 �

some german farmers got permission to root out the bush on the southern slopes of Mt. Oldeani and Ngorongoro-Crater wich were not inhabitat in those days. One of the newly established farms was later named "Shangri-La", after the famous novel "Lost Horizon" of James Hilton. Being an english possession for a relatively short period after World War 2, not only Shangri-La, but also some other plantations were rebought by a Danish-German group, who invested a substantial amount to revitalize the old neglected farms.

Nowadays [2006~]

this investor group is represented by its owners Christian Jebsen and Dr. G�nter Klatt. The familiy Jebsen has a long link of over 100 years with Tanzania and Dr. Klatt made some historical studies about the country. With their Karatu-Developement-Foundation company ( KDF), they are eager to promote the three sections of the farm: coffee, vegetables and dairy. These products are supplied to hotels and lodges. Local people also benefit, as the farm is one of the biggest employers in Karatu.

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