Georgina Battiscombe

Born 21 Nov 1905

Dies 26 Feb 2006

Several books from her estate on sale in Way's Bookshop, Henley on Thames, July 2006

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Guardian (UK)
Extract Author: Alethea Hayter
Extract Date: March 2, 2006

Georgina Battiscombe

Georgina Battiscombe, who has died aged 100, had a special excellence as a biographer.


She was educated at St Michael's School, Oxford, and then at Lady Margaret Hall. In 1932 she married Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Battiscombe, and they spent the next two years in Zanzibar, where he was secretary to the sultan and tutor to his son. The couple made many friends in the then ruling Arab community of Zanzibar; she loved her spacious old house and regarded this as the happiest time of her life.

When it ended, they spent six months in a leisurely holiday on the way back to England, and then settled for a decade in Durham, where Kit Battiscombe was librarian and clerk to the dean and chapter. Their next move was to Windsor; one perquisite of Kit's new job there, at Cumberland Lodge in Windsor Park, was the tenancy of the Henry III tower inside Windsor castle, a romantic, but inconvenient building honeycombed by spiral staircases in the immensely thick stone walls.


Quite early in her life she had begun to suffer from deafness, and this was made worse by a flight to South Africa in a temporarily unpressurised aeroplane; by the end of her life she was almost completely deaf. This did not make her unsociable; she retained her warm interest in other people, in politics, in sport, in her daily stint with the Times crossword.

After leaving Windsor Castle she lived in a flat near Windsor Park, and then moved to Henley-on-Thames to be near her daughter.


" Georgina Battiscombe, biographer, born November 21 1905; died February 26 2006

" The author of this obituary died on January 10, aged 94. Her obituary appeared in the Guardian on January 13

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