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Extract Author: Jane Amanda Holton (now Cawson)
Page Number: 2007 02 10
Extract Date: 1957-63

Jane Amanda Holton (now Cawson) Arusha School 1957-1963

What fun I have had this morning reading through your wonderful site! So many names I remember and so many memories.

I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me and to share my experiences. I have a few photos and put the one of the whole school one at some stage a few years ago!

My father was Alan Holton and he was a tea planter Ngambo Tea Estates near Amami.

I went to Arusha School from 1957 to 1963 (I think!)I have been in touch with Sarah Holland since and Paul Carlin, but I have been trying to get in rouch with Rosemary Goodman - the family had a coffee estate on the slopes of Kili - was it Sana Juu?

I have quite a few photos of her. I am at present trying to write about my life - because my children keep asking me about it! If anyone else has any photos I would love to swap! I am going back to Arusha and should be there round about the 2nd April 2007 and hope to get back to see the school. I hear that the tortoise is still going!

Thanks for bring back so many memories, sad and happy ones!


yes, just found the photo sent some time ago. I am on the far right of the photo - bottom row!! not sure what the date was - any ideas? Jane

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