Antonia Hamshere

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Arusha School Magazine
Page Number: 14-15
Extract Date: 1955

Christmas Story ~ Galloping Horses

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Arusha School Magazine
Page Number: 10-11
Extract Date: 1956

Sports Day ~ The Nativity ~ Wills Curiosity Shop ~ Hockey

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Arusha School Magazine
Page Number: 13
Extract Date: 1956

Swan Lake ~ Ngorongoro Crater

Ngorongoro Crater

The crisp early morning air stung the faces of the twenty-eight eager children who scanned the familiar outskirts of the Arusha District.

Once off the tarmac road we met the vast expanse of thorn-bush and scrub dotted with animals which aroused great excitement amongst us.

After the interest of the first part of our journey, we reached the turning to Oldeani, which indicated that we had still sixty miles to go. Through rather monotonous scenery, the road gradually twisted its way higher and higher into a more densely forested area until we reached a view-point. Looking down on the immense plain dotted with pleasant colours of green and brown, twenty-eight pairs of eyes keenly devoured the majestic scenery around.

Arriving at Mtu-Wa-Mbu, the lorry came to a halt under a shady Acacia tree, where we spent a few minutes. On and on the road twisted and turned as the lorry wound its way slowly up the slope, passing miles and miles of green, and yet greener scenery as we ascended, climbing higher up the mountainside.

At last, in front of us we saw a large notice board indicating the way to the Serengeti Plains which were to our right. At the sight of this our spirits rose, and everybody craned their necks in order to get the first view of the crater. As it came in sight hardly a cough was heard, as we gazed fascinated at the wondrous sight before us. At last we were settled in our huts, which were very comfortable, containing two bunks, a fireplace, and a table and chair.

That night I felt queer indeed, and I imagined I heard many wild beasts roaming about outside! When I woke up in the morning, I could not remember where I was and thought I was still dreaming.

The next day we went for a short outing in the lorry. We saw mainly the same game as before, zebra, ostrich and many gazelle scattered over the grassland.

On the last day of our visit we decided to walk down to the crater, and so set off at ten o'clock, having first made all the preparations for the return journey. It was steep and rocky down the 2,000 foot slope to the crater, and I slipped many times. Although we did not actually see any game on the way, some elephants or buffalo had passed through quite recently, as we saw their footprints. We saw game dotted about in the distance when we reached the bottom, and after having a short rest we started to climb the steep ascent back. 1 eventually reached the top exhausted and breathless, but pleased at having succeeded in my desire to reach the bottom and manage the ascent successfully.

But all good things have to come to an end, and soon afterwards we set off regretfully. On the way back, we saw much the same game as before, ostrich, zebra, gazelle and giraffe, and also a swarm of locusts, which hit the lorry with great force. But the return journey seemed to go much quicker, and we arrived back at school just before supper, full of news to tell about the Ngorongoro Crater, which we had just visited.

Julia Bruce and Carolyn Pearson

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Arusha School Magazine
Page Number: 14-15
Extract Date: 1956

Westminster Abbey ~ Netball ~ The Sea at Night ~ The Vulture

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Lise Larsen
Page Number: 2007 03 01
Extract Date: 1956

Lise Larsen - Arusha School- 1948 - 1956

My sisters and I (Ane, Lise and Inge) Larsen were all born in Arusha and all went to school at the Arusha School under the headmastership of Cyril Hamshere.

One of my best friends was Antonia Hamshere now a doctor in S.Africa and I got to know the family fairly well.

Cyril was actually born,in what was then Bristish Guiana, and not in East Africa as I read on this site. He was a wonderful headmaster for us kids with paper chases, 'rambling' climbing Mt Meru, trips to Ngorongoro and so forth. No doubt he ran a tight ship but I don't think any of us suffered through that. I have always thought his teaching of local history was marvellous. At the Kenya High we were only fed European History. Very few of us there had ever been to Europe !!

Just to let you know that I have very fond memories of my days at Arusha School, though those that remember the 'seven crossings' in the advocado trees would agree that 'Work Place Health and Safety' would no doubt be horrified !!

Thanks for the feedback. Can you confirm the dates when you were at Arusha School?

I know it must include 1956 because I see from the School Magazine of Feb 1956 that you were 12 then and you won:

A Standard Form (SF) II Prize (I received a SF IV prize at the same time)

A Music Prize (with Caroline Pearson)

Plus the Anne Revington Cup and the Selian Cup.

Can you remember these, and what the Cups were for?

You were also in the Chorus of Soldiers in a production of "The Charcoal Burner's Son"

And you wrote a piece about the School House Swimming Sports, and the Netball Team.

There's also a piece by Tonia Hamshere about the Sports Day, in fact an Inter Schools Sports day, in which you broke the high jump record (4ft 3 3/4 inches).

Hi David, I certainly can't remember much of all that !! But you inspired me to look for a Magazine and there was V0l 1 N0. 1 1955.

I did leave in '56 and as far as I can remember started in '48 or '49, the kindergarten was in the main building as the Junior section was not built. I recollect making massive "pompoms" in those early days.

What those Cups were for I've no idea - I was the sporty type not much for the study stuff so must be for sport or something.

I have Tonia's email address and her sister Diana lives in South Ascot. Cyril was very good to me in that he got me my first job after high school as assistant matron at Arusha and then some teaching * yr olds before I went teacher training in England.

He wasn't over impressed with my first English posting to a secondary modern school in Walsall so suggested I applied for a P.E. position at St Mary's Convent in South Ascot where he had been giving some talks etc. I spent 4 very happy years there before moving to Australia.

I have a spare copy of the 1955 magazine if you would like it I can mail it to you. The prizes we apparently got !! What were they for ??

Thanks for your reply have a happy summer.

Cheers Lise

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Lise Larsen
Page Number: 2007 07 02

Cyril Hamshere

Hi David, I have recently been in contact with Tonia Hamshere and she tells me that her father Cyril Hamshere was actually born in Kabete outside Nairobi and it was her that was born in Georgetown Guyana so I would appreciate it if this could be changed I am very sorry for the mistake. I guess you are getting heaps of info with lots of people enjoying a trip down memory lane.

Keep up with the good work. Cheers Lise

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