Caroline Miller

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Duncan, Brian Arusha Photographs
Extract Author: Brian Duncan
Page Number: 20a
Extract Date: 1958-1962


Sister Shirley during horse riding lessons on the other side of the Temi River (possibly in the area where the Gymkhana Club is now. Girl in background is Elizabeth Miller.

Shirley was at Mbeya (boarding school) from 1956 to 1959 (Burton House" green checked gingham dresses). Other houses were Stanley (blue), Livingstone (yellow?) and ? (red). She then had one year at Iringa boarding school. In 1959 she was joined by Jane Saddler (sister to Avril).

She then moved to Arusha as a day pupil, but latterly was tutored by a private teacher, along with three other pupils. Two of them were sisters, Elizabeth Miller (mentioned above) and Caroline. Their mother trained a horse called "Two Rivers" and had a farm just outside Arusha. The private tutor was the wife of "Beeswax Smith", who also lived on the other side of the Temi River.

Tom Linton says: The picture of the horse. That's the Miller home which was on Themi road just before you enter Themi coffee estate, on the way to the Pyrethrum factory built by my father Dr. John Linton, who passed away last year. When my horse arrived on the train from Nairobi, he was boarded in the Miller's paddock for a while. Mr. Miller left the country during the nationalization period (of socialism) with his wealth, in stones, and was sadly killed when the small plane he was absconding in crashed.

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