Jock Hebenton

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Duncan, Brian Arusha Photographs
Extract Author: Brian Duncan
Page Number: 00b
Extract Date: 1958-1962

Families/individuals that were well known to us

Bruce Kinloch (Elizabeth)" Author of the novels "Sauce for the Mongoose" and "The Shamba Raiders". He was Chief Park Ranger for Tanzania, Uganda & Malawi. A keen shooter, both with a gun and a camera. Moved to Scotland for a short period (mid 1970's), helping dad with his business for a time, and then moved to England. Elizabeth underwent major surgery some years ago which I do not believe was overly successful. I think now both deceased.

John Durant (Jean)" He was District Commissioner of Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia). They moved back to Scotland, where John became the Estate Factor for Dalhousie Estates, Brechin, Angus, Scotland. Jean was a solicitor with Will & Philip, also Brechin. Upon retirement they moved to Bishops Waltham, Winchester. Both now deceased.

Royce Buckle" White hunter, believe based in the Arusha area. Specialised in the hunting/shooting of elephant and Cape Buffalo. My father and Royce were often out on safari, where he was probably the one individual who taught my father most of what he knew about the hunting of big game.

Eva ? [Viva]" She was Belgian, French or German, married to a game warden and lived on the rim of the Ngorongoro crater. Dad used to recite the story of how she chased a leopard away from the house with her broom when it was attempting to carry away her dog.

Eric Balson" Game Warden in Arusha area. May have been married to Eva ? Above.

Gerald & Argent Chopra" Gerald was a doctor and his father Argent (English wife) was a lawyer" possibly of Italian or Belgian origin, and both very keen shooters. They both had respective practices in Mwanza. [see note below]

Jock Hebenton (Bunty)" (children were Heather & Ian) and originated from Edzell, Angus (where I now live). Jock was a motor-biking friend of dads, and persuaded him to go to East Africa. He was a school teacher at Ukiriguru, then Mwanza.

Bill Buchannan (Janey)" Agricultural department, Ukiriguru.

Bob McKenzie (Margaret)" (children were Morag & Marcia). They returned to Brechin, Angus about the same time as us, where they owned a fish & chip shop (best one in town). Bob and dad became partners for a short time in a gun shop (McKenzie & Duncan) in Brechin, until they went their separate ways. Both Bob and Margaret now deceased, but believe Morag now a primary school teacher in Germany.

Please note the correction from Jaret Chopra:

"Actually it is ARJAN and GERALD CHOPRA. My father, Arjan, was a doctor and Gerald, his brother/my uncle, was a lawyer. Both of Indian origin. Their father was I.C. CHOPRA, a lawyer and founding partner/director/shareholder with J.T. Williamson of Williamson Diamonds."

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