Elizabeth Ulyate

Elizabeth Van Staden (Ulyate) Lolly

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Extract Author: Erika Roe
Page Number: 2008 12 24
Extract Date: 1955 to 1970


Africa in common

Hi.we may be linked.my sisters went to arusha school then onto Loretto in Nairobi. Parents farmed tea near Njombe up to 1970. I was born 1957 so you must be older than me". Writing about african life.? Also want to do the same one day. Now farming proteas in Portugal. My sister Sally may know Rosemary Goodman.. Did she go to Loretto?.Or maybe Philippa, my other sister??.Anyway, family life started in Kenya and then we lived in Tanzania up to 1970 but never really felt 'at home' in England. Once an african, always an african.. Ok. Hope to hear from you on email to share common memeories . Salaam Erika

Connections Tanzania

My family lived in Kenya/Tanzania from 1955 to 1970. Peter and Eileen Roe. Tea farmers near Njombe.6 children, arusha school and Loretto in Nairobi. Without a doubt we have friends in common and Alan sykes is a name I am sure I have heard my father mention.. Please feel free to email me direct. Hope to hear from you.Erika Roe

Jack Allen

Hi. My parents lived in Kenya/Tanzania from 1955 to 1970, first for East African Agricultural Board and then tea farmers.My fathers stories include Sao Hill and he may even have known Jack Allen. I will ask him.I am sure we have a lot in common, so Please feel free to contact me directly on my email. Erika Roe

Mbeya school

Hello Peter Smythe, I am wondering if your family knew of my family.. Tea farmers, Peter and Eileen Roe? Lived in Kenya/Tanzania from 1955 to 1970.??

What a powerful hold Arusha school has over us all!!

Message: Hello Wendy. I am sure, as in other links on this site, that we have a lot in common, if only the amazing childhood we all share. I would really like to get in touch with anybody who lived in east africa. I have a sneakey suspicion that my parents knew Allen Sykes?? Does Eileen and Peter Roe ring a bell.. They have such a huge list of names they constantly mention in their african stories. Anyway, I would really appreciate hearing from you and direct to my email if you like. Hope to hear from you. Erika

What a hold Arusha school"

Forgot to mention.. My father also farmed Pyrethrum!!

Lolly van Staden

FINALLY a name I know VERY well". LINDA ROWLAND!!! I am delighted to tell you that Linda and I knew eachother when we were girls. I lived with my parents in Lupembe and visited Njombe frequantly. I do not keep in touch with her now but she is in south africa and her brother Mark is in tea in Njombe area.I plan one day to visit them both. I can get conntacts as we are still in touch with her mother Jean" also know Jill Watson, a good friend of Jeans. So. Lots to catch up on. Please contact me direct on my email.

Look forward to hearing from you.. Would you recal my sisters, Sally and Philippa?

Bart Moore-Gilbert

My father, Peter Roe, may have known your father. I will ask and get back to you.

Lolly van Staden..page 2007 06 11

message: Message for Lolly. I can give you a contact for Linda Rowland. Our families knew eachother in Njombe. Linda is now in S.Africa. Her brother Mark is managing a tea estate in Njombe. Please contact me direct on my email. I look forward to hearing from you. Erika


I don�t think I am using your site in the correct way.. I would like to contact some of the names I come across with whom I believe I share something in common. So I will look at the site more carefully and correct my error.

Thank you for this site. It will help me in my search for a connection to my past. Have a great Christmas.

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Extract Author: Louis van Rooyen
Page Number: 2007 05 03
Extract Date: 1960's

asking about Rosemary Goodman

Hi Lolly [Elizabeth Van Staden (Ulyate)]

Read your insert on David's site. You were asking about Rosemary Goodman?

She married an engineer from the UK, Derek Peacock, who was doing something in Moshi in the late sixties. From there I think they went straight to the then Rhodesia, where they still live, in Harare. My parents lived there until about six years ago and my mother still in contact with Rosie's mom, Peggy.

Will try and get her address and mail it to you.

Regards, Louis van Rooyen

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Lolly Van Staden (nee Ulyate)
Page Number: 2008 12 11
Extract Date: 1963 - 1968

For Jeffery Tregarthen

First off I have a new email address as above.

Then for Jeffery:Hi there Jeffery . Cant place your face but I was at Arusha School 1963 - 1968. I remember the bee incident as at it was the school nativity play held on the sports field. Randy Rudolph was a Roman sentry if I'm not mistaken. His brothers were Rodney or Robert & Richard.

Do you remember Richard Hatter? He was in North House with you & roughly same time, ask David to pass on my new email address as I am looking for lost friends & I know Richard is also.. Do you remember any other girls e.g. F" McIntyre, Linda Rowland, Nicky Ghaui to name a few?


Lolly" I was Elizabeth Ulyate at school.

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Extract Author: Elizabeth Van Staden (Ulyate) Lolly
Page Number: 2007 03 22
Extract Date: 1963-1968

Elizabeth Van Staden (Ulyate) Lolly - Arusha School 1963-1968

I would like to be named as another Ulyate who attended Arusha School 1963 - 1968. It was great finding more details of my family especially photos of my grandparents.

The last I heard, Rosemary Goodman (now Peacock) was living in Zimbabwe but with recent problems I don't know if they stayed but I'm sure my sister Valerie Wallace would know.

And, for Shaun Conner:

I see you lived on Waru Waru" my family lived there till they moved to other parts of the world.

My father Malham Ulyate moved to Sanya Juu .the farm was called Sikarari. I also attend Arusha School '63 - '68. Richard Hatter was my 'first' boyfriend , can still remember sitting up in the big avo tree over looking the sports field. Mr Rushbrooke was headmaster the year I left. I cannot remember you but would love to hear from you.

April 24th

Hi David

Many thanks for replying to my email & apologise for not answering sooner but the last month has been very hectic for me.Thank you also for sending on the one to Shaun Conner who was in touch the very same day !! Should any other ex Arusha remember me you may pass on my email address.

It was a surprise to find the "Ulyate family" site & see pictures of my grandfather that I have never seen before. Will send you any update if I can but I might open a can of worms'so to speak. The movie "White Mischief" has nothing to compare with the Ulyates & maybe one day I�ll write a book.

One interesting thing that does stand out is Princess Margarets visit to Arusha School�my sister Valerie (now Wallace) was presented with the Rusha Rusha shield by her Royal Highness.

Have enjoyed seeing what Arusha school looks like even in todays world , something to show my children.

Will keep in touch & once again many thanks for the website.

As a matter of interest I am known to all as Lolly.



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Extract Author: Louis van Rooyen
Page Number: 2007 05 03
Extract Date: 13-May-2007

trip back to Tanzania

Hi Lolly, [Elizabeth Van Staden (Ulyate)]

My wife, Linda (nee Newby) and I are taking a trip back to Tanzania in December of 2007 and were browsing Arusha sites to jog our memories, when we found you on David's site!

I remember receiving a star on a Monday (or was it Fridays?) during assembly for 'saving' you from drowning - when you slipped out of your tube going down the slide in the swimming pool!!! Spoke to Bob and Phyllis briefly the other day - we are now living in SA after my parents emigrated to Rhodesia in '71.

Yes, Rosie and Tony are still in Harare, confirmed by Pamela and Gordon Chapman, who spent a week with us in November last year (now in UK)

Brother, Jan (aka: 'Boeta') and his wife Michelle and my mother will be joining us on our nostalgic tour, starting at Annabel (ex Fowler) in Tanga.

Take care


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Extract Author: Tony Hyde
Page Number: 2009 02 11
Extract Date: 11-Feb-2009

Malham, Hazel and Lolly Ulyate

Message for Lolly Ulyate.

Hi Lolly,

Back in the early 60's I remember you as a very little girl on your dads farm. I have pictures of you taken at that time and will dig them out of storage for you if you would like, they are pictures you will never have seen. They weren�t developed until I returned to Aden. I stayed on your farm whilst on leave from the RAF in Aden. My short stay with you has left me with life long memories and endless stories of my time with your Mum and Dad.

I am not sure how many pictures I have but I should think that there a few if you would like copies and some of my memories of that time please drop me an email.

Tony Hyde

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Lolly Van Staden (Ulyate)
Page Number: 2009 02 21
Extract Date: 21-Feb-2009

F" McIntyre

Have been catching up with familiar faces but would like to get in touch with Louis van Rooyen & or Linda Newby as I am trying also to find Alta van Rooyen ( have forgotten her married name).

Also , stand to correction, but very sure that Fe was actually Lorna F" McIntrye.



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