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Extract Author: Eugeniusz Rzewuski
Page Number: 2007 04 04
Extract Date: 2007


Just today I read some e-mail correspondance posted to http://www.ntz.info concerning the former camp of Polish WW2 refugees in Tengeru, Tanzania. Many people do discover this place and its symbolic history of being a safe haven for nearly 5 thousand Polish children and their elder relatives and caretakers evacuated by the Polish army from places of their deportation in Soviet Union. Some visitors are amazed that the Polish cemetery adjacent to the former refugee camp is so well maintained.

I am glad to inform that this place is under permanent care of the Polish Embassy in Dar es Salaam.

Sincerely yours

Eugeniusz Rzewuski,

University of Warsaw,

Department of African Languages and Cultures

former charge d' affaires a.i. of the Embassy (1995-99)

Many thanks for your feedback about Tengeru. It is one of the sections of the web site that causes a lot of interest, and there is a new generation of people trying to unearth the history of their parents, many of whom spent time at Tengeru.

Although I've been to Arusha many times, I've never managed to visit Tengeru. Thank you for your update about the cemetry.

I'm sure you are familiar with sites such as http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Kresy-Siberia/ - Someone refered this to me only a week ago as a place with lots of information about Tengeru, including photographs.

Jambo David (Daudi)

Thanks for your reply letter. I am glad that there is much interest about "Polish chapter" of the history of Tengeru. In fact this was one of many WW2 Polish camps camps located in East and Central Africa. I have visited and documented four other Polish cemeteries in Tanzania which which mark places where camps were located: Morogoro, Kidugala, Ifunda, Kondoa-Irangi. All are reasonably well mantained. Tengeru was the the biggest camp and remains the biggest cemetery.

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