Susan Wynn Jones

now Susan Bailey

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Extract Author: Amy Savoury
Page Number: 2008 01 01
Extract Date: 1930's

My Family History in Tanganyika

I am trying to fill in gaps in my family history and wonder if Susan Wynn-Jones' parents and mine were contemporaries in the 1930's.

My grandfather, Ferdinand Reder, was a sisal plantation owner.

My father, Ferdinand William Reder, worked at Ford International in Dar-Es-Salaam for Abdullah Karimjee,

I believe. My parents lived in Tanga overlooking the bay and my grandparents lived in Moshi with another home in Soni, where I believe they are buried.

My aunt, Elizabeth Reder Stadler Forbes, had a small business in Nairobi, and had two daughters, Barbara and Mary-Lynne Stadler, who were educated in Europe. One of their very dear friends was Father Joseph Noppinger, who was from either the Holy Ghost Fathers or Maryknoll Fathers, and I believe established several schools in Tanganyika and/or Kenya.

I have hundreds of letters written by my family during this period and am just beginning to organize them for publishing but have many unanswered questions, such as what became of their homes and businesses.

If anyone recognizes these names I would love to hear from you.

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Extract Author: Edward G. David - ['Ted']
Page Number: 2008 09 17
Extract Date: 1949-51

Edward David - 1949-1951 - travelled to [Arusha] school from Kigoma and later from Dar-es-Salaam

Oliver Cordell recently 'enlightened' me regarding the Arusha School website�.. Very interesting - but regretably very few alumni reporting !!!

The website instructions are not very clear - maybe I am missing something - so please confirm that this is the way to send you my school 'information' for the website??

I attended Arusha School from 1949 to 1951 - and have very happy memories. Then I attended Prince of Wales and subsequently went to London to complete my studies.

Previously, my brother Werner and sister Annalise also attended the school.

I recall that beautiful Suzanne Franzel joined the train from Kigoma at Uvinza on our way to Dodoma - and the long, arduous and dusty 275 mile trip by Tanganyika Railways bus that climbed the very steep and dangerous escarpment at around Kondoa Irangi [memory!!!] en route to Arusha�..!!!!

I vividly recall the following names:

- The Ibsens from Tabora - one son is now a Bishop in Denmark

- John and David Dare - parents with the Salvation Army in Tabora,

- Royce Buckle

- Susan Wynn-Jones - now in Canberra, Australia. Susan & I won the 'Rasha-Rasha shield' in 1951.

- Diana Milner

- Michael & Pat Finnegan - Morogoro

- Michael Zibarras & his sister

- Johannes Pretorious

- Albert _______

- Elizabeth & Anne Palfrey

WOW! Now over 55 years ago - where did time fly??? Thank God every day for continuing good health!!

Would love to hear from OLDE rafikis - please contact me as noted below.

Regards - Mungu Utabariki!!

Ted David

45 Sutton Place South

New York, NY 10022

Tel: (646) 734-5780

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Extract Author: Susan Bailey, nee Wynn Jones
Page Number: 2007 03 26
Extract Date: 1950

Susan Bailey, nee Wynn Jones - Arusha School, 1949-50

I was sent your e-mail address re life at Arusha School.

After 56 years my siblings and I went back to Tanzania,the first place to visit was the school. Our father - William Wynn Jones was the first Headmaster, we all lived upstairs,having been born at Arusha.

We were thrilled to see the school,meet staff,see the tortoise-all had a ride! And found many memories.Sad to see the avenue of trees gone,but the school is doing so well.

We travelled down memory lane to Moshi, Merangue, Dodoma and Mvumi were we went after Dad's time at Arusha School, so we were able to visit the districts, meeting people who remembered us. Our visit was like a homecoming,which we all enjoyed.

Having read David Reed's book, I realise why my name did not appear on the Mt.Meru board of 1950 - I reached the top. But not to the place where the book was to signed!!

Cheers-Susan Bailey,nee Wynn Jones.

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Extract Author: Susan Bailey, nee Wynn Jones
Page Number: 2007 03 30
Extract Date: 1950

Email from Susan Bailey to Lise Larsen

Dear Lise,

I met Geoff Hoad at St Johns, Reid,A.C.T. I live in Canberra with my family. Geoff and I were talking about Tanzania and my trip in Oct.2006 and he gave me your name.

My siblings and I were born in Arusha, as our parents were missionaries with C.M.S. who were asked to build a school for the European children as they were called then. Dad was the first Headmaster in1931 - we lived upstairs for 10 years.

Our surame was Wynn Jones - Dad- William, and Mum - Ruth.

We then went to Mvumi mission station near Dodoma. After a years leave in Australia we moved to Dodoma. Dad was the Bishop then. He was consecrated in 1942.

In 1950 Dad had a car accident on his way to consecrate a church at Kongwa. This led to kidney problems,and sadly we lost our beloved Dad that May. At the end of 1950 we moved to Australia as Mum was born here, Dad was Welsh.

None of the family had been back until last year - 56 years it took for the sudden time to be right. We had a wonderful experience - full of joy and memories which can only be experienced as siblings. We met people who recalled Mum and Dad, saw our old homes - not quite as we had them, and felt so much at home. Tim,a brother could recall swahilli so much, he became the spokes person for us at some churches and places we went to.The people could recognise we had learnt the language well.

My brothers went to Duke of York - now Lenana School.and Prince of Wales - now Nairobi School. I was due to go to a Kenyan girls school in 1951, but we had left Africa by then.

I would love to know what your parents were in Africa for. Were they born there? We went past Oldeani, Moshi, Merangu - with memories of childhood.

Would like to hear from you sometime please,as there are a lot of Tanzanians around. We met a family we had not seen since 1945 up at Budrum-Qld.

Thank you for your email. I was about to write because Lise Larsen send me a copy of your email to her (sent 1 March?). I wanted to ask you permission to add this email to the web site

Good to hear from you.When were you at Arusha School?

It was interesting to go to board there in 1949-1950,after having lived there as a child upstairs. I feel so much a part of Arusha,and our trip there was special.

You may put my letter on the web. We tended to loose contact with people when we came to Australia,but have in the last few months come across families we knew on the mission field.

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Extract Author: Sandra Finn
Page Number: 2008 07 20

info regarding Susan Wynn - JonesBailey

I am not sure if you can help me I am trying to track down Susan Wynn-Jones I believe that she might have known my mother Eileen Rose Balson. I am trying to gather family history.

I found her name on your site.

Looking forward to any news

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