Valerie Ulyate

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Arusha School Magazine
Page Number: 12-13
Extract Date: 1957

Netball ~ The Desert ~ A visit from Nairobi Primary School

A Visit from the Nairobi Primary School

At the end of the first term, Mr. Hamshere invited a party of boys and girls from the Nairobi Primary School to stay at the Arusha School. There were twenty four children in all, twelve boys and twelve girls.

They arrived on Thursday evening, 29th March, at half past five. Two teachers came with them, Miss Kane and Mr. Sentence. Some of them were accommodated in the Sanatorium, some in the girls and some in the boys buildings. After supper the boys played table tennis in their common room, while the girls had dancing in the Junior Hall. On Friday we went to Church, for a special Good Friday Service. After break we all had a free swim, which the N.P.S. enjoyed very much. After tea the girls and boys matches were played and the N.P.S. won both. On Saturday morning we played two mixed matches and again the N.P.S. children won. In the afternoon a Swimming Gala was held. This was a very close finish, the N.P.S. beating Arusha School by one mark only, 50.5 marks to 49.5 It was a very enjoyable afternoon and excitement reached fever pitch as the marks grew closer and closer.

After tea we all went to see the Rugger Match. Later that evening there was a film about a dog called "Lucky". On Sunday we went to Church for the usual Easter morning service.

The Staff versus the children match was played at halfpast eleven that morning, the Staff won, with a score of two goals to one. In the afternoon the N.P.S. girls and boys went to Ngurdoto Crater, and also five of our school. We went in a lorry and the School car. We started off about halfpast two. Soon we reached Usa Saw Mills which is not far from the Crater. It was about quarter past three when we started climbing and the road was very slippery. Very soon we reached the summit of the Crater. We had two Game Scouts with us and they gave us two pairs of binoculars. We had our tea at the summit and saw quite a lot of game, rhino, warthog and herds of buffalo. At halfpast five we started down. It seemed more slippery than before. We all got very muddy and we arrived back at school very late. After breakfast on Monday the N.P.S. left. This visit was very enjoyable for both schools and we hope they will pay another visit soon.

Marion Cleton

EIRA Jones

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Arusha School Magazine
Page Number: 22-23
Extract Date: 1957

My Favourite Animal ~ Meru Expedition

Meru Expedition

This year the Meru Expedition started on Saturday, 1st December. In all there were thirteen children and seven members of staff climbing.

The road to Olkokola was fairly good, although two lorries stuck in the mud a couple of times. At Olkokola we had our lunch which consisted of sandwiches, fruit and a cup of tea. We then left the Base Camp and made our way to the edge of the forest.

Our way through the Forest was very beautiful with large open green glades here and there. Several people saw a herd of about twenty or thirty Eland, and we also heard Colobus Monkeys. The trees were covered with old man's beard. The weather this year was absolutely wonderful and we could see for miles around us. Going up the Elephant Slide was very steep and slippery. After a short rest we set to work finding firewood for our fire. For supper we had tomato soup, sausages, fried steak and bread and butter. We then all gathered round the fire and passed our time singing songs. For some of us the night seemed endless, until, at last, at half past three we were woken and after folding our blankets and having coffee and Ryvita we set out at four o'clock to climb the rest of the mountain.

As dawn broke we separated into little groups, and we could see the shadow of Meru against the sky as the sun appeared. We now came to the sandy part which was the most difficult of all because it was very slippery. The early morning frost covered the ground and made our toes feel like ice blocks. About seven fortyfive we started climbing the rocks which was great fun. Underneath were blocks of ice, which were very refreshing to eat.

The first people to reach the top were Mr. Morgan and Jacqueline Hudson. About seven minutes later Theresa Rarogiewicz and Janet Simpson clambered up. The last party arrived at nearly half past ten. Most of us stayed at the top until five to eleven.

At eleven we all started charging down the mountain like a herd of elephants. We reached the camp at about half past twelve, where there was a meal waiting for us. At one o'clock we started on our way back through the Forest and arrived at the base camp at half past two We arrived at school at a quarter past six, much earlier than we were expected.

Valerie Ulyate 13 years

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Elizabeth Van Staden (Ulyate) Lolly
Page Number: 2007 03 22
Extract Date: 1963-1968

Elizabeth Van Staden (Ulyate) Lolly - Arusha School 1963-1968

I would like to be named as another Ulyate who attended Arusha School 1963 - 1968. It was great finding more details of my family especially photos of my grandparents.

The last I heard, Rosemary Goodman (now Peacock) was living in Zimbabwe but with recent problems I don't know if they stayed but I'm sure my sister Valerie Wallace would know.

And, for Shaun Conner:

I see you lived on Waru Waru" my family lived there till they moved to other parts of the world.

My father Malham Ulyate moved to Sanya Juu .the farm was called Sikarari. I also attend Arusha School '63 - '68. Richard Hatter was my 'first' boyfriend , can still remember sitting up in the big avo tree over looking the sports field. Mr Rushbrooke was headmaster the year I left. I cannot remember you but would love to hear from you.

April 24th

Hi David

Many thanks for replying to my email & apologise for not answering sooner but the last month has been very hectic for me.Thank you also for sending on the one to Shaun Conner who was in touch the very same day !! Should any other ex Arusha remember me you may pass on my email address.

It was a surprise to find the "Ulyate family" site & see pictures of my grandfather that I have never seen before. Will send you any update if I can but I might open a can of worms'so to speak. The movie "White Mischief" has nothing to compare with the Ulyates & maybe one day I�ll write a book.

One interesting thing that does stand out is Princess Margarets visit to Arusha School�my sister Valerie (now Wallace) was presented with the Rusha Rusha shield by her Royal Highness.

Have enjoyed seeing what Arusha school looks like even in todays world , something to show my children.

Will keep in touch & once again many thanks for the website.

As a matter of interest I am known to all as Lolly.



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Arusha School Magazine
Page Number: 08-09
Extract Date: 1987

The Royal Visit to Arusha School

The Royal Visit to Arusha School

On the 17th October we were greatly honoured by having a visit to the Arusha School from Her Royal Highness Princess Margaret. We had already seen her driving round the town, but this was a special occasion for all the school.

In the Junior Hall were assembled children from the Hellenic, South African and Kongwa Schools, and of course the whole of our school. Everybody waited impatiently for about half an hour, then at last the news arrived that the Princess was coming. Slowly her car came down the road and turned off into the Junior School drive where Mr. Hamshere and various other people were awaiting her.

The Princess was dressed in a lovely yellow evening gown. As she entered the Hall she was greeted with three cheers from everyone and as she made her way towards the stage she stopped and smiled radiantly at us. She then slowly and gracefully mounted the steps on to the school stage. When she had sat down a bouquet was presented to her by Penny Steel. The three schools, the Greek, the South African and our own then sang different songs, ours being "Land of our Birth". After the singing the presentations took place and I felt very excited for I was one of the chosen few to be presented. The moment when I shook hands with the Princess is one that I shall always remember. After the presentations Mr. Hamshere asked the Princess to sign our Visitors Book, and after writing her name in it, she asked if we could all have a holiday on the following day. There was a tremendous uproar as this announcement was made, and the Princess, turning towards us, looked very amused as she waved us goodbye.

Valerie Ulyate, Head Girl 13 years

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Lolly Van Staden (Ulyate)
Page Number: 2007 09 24
Extract Date: 24-Sep-2007


Hi Mangat .I don't know if you would remember me as I was the youngest of the Ulyates. My brother Bryan lives in London ,Valerie & David are in South Africa & I'm in Ireland.

The only Ulyate back in Tanzania is my cousin Robin who is in the Iringa area.

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