Louis van Rooyen

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Linda (Newby) van Rooyen
Page Number: 2007 05 13
Extract Date: 1965-69

Linda Newby, Arusha School, 1965-69

Hi Shaun [Conner],

Saw your link on David's site. Our times at Arusha School must have overlapped a little, although I regret I cannot recall you.

However, my father, Joe Newby farmed on the slopes of the Crater near Oldeani, and I think I recall your father ?? Known to us as Colonel Conner?

I was at Arusha School from 1965 to 1969 and was friendly with Fe McIntyre, Alta van Rooyen, Nicola Ghaui, and a whole lot of girls, whose names escape me at the moment!

I married an ex-Tanzanian, Louis van Rooyen, whose parents, Isak and Margaret farmed at West Kili.

Louis attended Arusha School from 1960 to 1966 before going on to Belfast, South Africa. My elder brother, Richard Newby was also there during your stint before going on to St Michael's at Soni. So nice 'chatting' to someone from that part of the world!

Regards, Linda

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Louis van Rooyen
Page Number: 2007 05 03
Extract Date: 13-May-2007

trip back to Tanzania

Hi Lolly, [Elizabeth Van Staden (Ulyate)]

My wife, Linda (nee Newby) and I are taking a trip back to Tanzania in December of 2007 and were browsing Arusha sites to jog our memories, when we found you on David's site!

I remember receiving a star on a Monday (or was it Fridays?) during assembly for 'saving' you from drowning - when you slipped out of your tube going down the slide in the swimming pool!!! Spoke to Bob and Phyllis briefly the other day - we are now living in SA after my parents emigrated to Rhodesia in '71.

Yes, Rosie and Tony are still in Harare, confirmed by Pamela and Gordon Chapman, who spent a week with us in November last year (now in UK)

Brother, Jan (aka: 'Boeta') and his wife Michelle and my mother will be joining us on our nostalgic tour, starting at Annabel (ex Fowler) in Tanga.

Take care


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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Lolly Van Staden (Ulyate)
Page Number: 2009 02 21
Extract Date: 21-Feb-2009

F� McIntyre

Have been catching up with familiar faces but would like to get in touch with Louis van Rooyen & or Linda Newby as I am trying also to find Alta van Rooyen ( have forgotten her married name).

Also , stand to correction, but very sure that Fe was actually Lorna F� McIntrye.



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