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Extract Author: Tim Clegg
Page Number: 2007 05 25
Extract Date: 1955-60

Sao Hill School

It is fascinating to be reminded of even earlier school years than mine at Sao Hill School. My brother and I were there from around 1955 - 1960. The first matron (I forget her name was not there on my 2nd term as she had been taken back to England for fraud or embezzlement or similar!!!!

I also recall that nuns???? at times came to do innopculations and after making the sign of the cross on the buttock then hit dead centre! I now know that this was not a holy action, but the disection of the buttock which resulted in the correct place to give the injection!

Canings were in great supply for rebels such as myself, and I cannot remember how many 6 of the bests I encountered.

I have not seen any other references to Sao Hill School or heard from any other former 'inmates'!!!!

I now have a legal services company in Devon UK and my brother lives in Cheshire selling industrial plant.

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