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Extract Date: 1970's

Ndutu Lodge

Ndutu Lodge didn�t exist then of course but I remember George Dove, wife Mibs and son Michael very well from the early 1970�s. George was hunting down at Makau and I used to do ornithological trips with Don Turner, where we�d be stationed at Ndutu for 2 � weeks at a time while Don�s groups rotated all around East Africa. The chairs round the fire were awful steel school classroom ones with no arm rests!

Lots of us guides developed an absolute passion for you during your serval research years!

Accommodation was in tents, with outside loos and showers behind them. I remember my shaving brush always went from white to red after a few days because of the water. The main bar area was there though. An American called Jerry Rilling helped to manage the camp � he was a polio victim and heaved himself around on crutches. He grew a handle bar moustache like George�s. And there was Peter the Swiss who left for home and started a home-made chocolate business.

The early 1970�s were particularly good for rhino, but we never saw many elephant. I remember elephant being discouraged at Seronera as they were ring barking favourite leopard trees. The road between Seronera and Ngorongoro went North of Naabi Hill, east across the plains past Shifting Sands, into Olduvai and up past where the present museum is. Serengeti was always closed in April/May � no one was allowed in.

I remember early Ndutu staff members so well: Thomas, Big John the chef and Little John the assistant chef, and of course dear old Marcelli.

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