Francis Melady

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Christine Melady-Knox
Page Number: 2007 06 13
Extract Date: 1940's

I read all of the email entries regarding Tengeru with interst.

My Mother Anna Maria Ciura, her parents Andrezj and Marysia along with my aunts Paolina, Janina, Sofia and Jan lived in Arusha for at least 5 years.

My father Staff Sargent Raymond Francis Melady( East Yorkshire Regiment, stationed in Nairobi) met and Married at Holy Family Roman Catholic Church.

I have dozens of pictures from that time but a better source for those looking for information regarding the displaced Poles is a book 'Stolen Childhood' written by Lucjan Krolikowski, there are tons of picutres and stories. Many of these Polish people ended up in Canada and there are many in Sarnia, Ontario and they started up the Polish Catholic Church Queen of Peace.

Although many have died, we their children know their stories and cherish the knowledge that finally in Tengeru, healing for many of them started and they were able to emigrate to Canada, America and Australia among many welcoming countries.

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