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Extract Author: Riyaz Manji
Page Number: 2007 06 28
Extract Date: 1967-71

Riyaz Manji --- Arusha School 1967 to 1971

Dear Mr. Nettelbeck

Asante for this website.

This brings back MY CHILD HOOD MEMORIES and they were wonderful.

Sir I do remember you very well you should also because you expelled me. Not proud if but you did. My name is Riyaz Manji lived in Moshi and was at the school from 1967 to 1971. I often talk about the school to my children.

We have two Meekile 14 and Felicia 15. I always tell my son I wish I could afford to send you to a boarding school.

We live in Toronto, Canada.

My wife Julia and I visited the school in 1989 and it brought me great joy. We met Mr. Yakub Dalal. He is still short and loud but he was a good teacher. But then we were lucky to have best teachers and caregiver.

Miss Macha, Mr. Morris and let's not forget sexy Miss Anthony. Miss Allan music teacher now I will never forget her she was the best.

My love to her I wish I could tell her my self. Mrs. Kikiidis kept us healthy I do miss her food. Twiga always served us well. Thank you.

Ah ha students we were the best in swimming, horse back riding and many sports. I don�t remember many names but one for some reason I want forget Lorenzo Trevizani we got along well. Thank you to all and will always be in my heart. Sir you may share my phone number or Email address.

Sir Thank You, God bless you.

Riyaz Manji

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