Betty Ann Lydia Ulyate

Born 4 Jun 1939

Dies 19 Oct 1982

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Extract Author: Sven Figenschou
Page Number: 2007 07 04


I was so glad to see this web-site :)

I was born in Moshi in Tanzania in oktober 1962. My mother was called Betty Ann Lydia Ulyate - born the 4th of June 1939. She died in 19th of oktober 1982. I have so little information on my mothers side.

My aunt June, who went to the Arusha School, has moved to south Africa, and I am in the prosess of finding her too :)

Do you have any information on my mothers family who lived in Arusha and in Kenya? My mothers father died when she was twelve - that must have been in 1951. Her father was called Ulyate. Mothers three sisters moved to SA in the sixtees. I would appreciate any help.

My father, Bjorn Figenschou still lives in Arusha. He was married to mum for 25 years.

Kind regards

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Extract Author: Bj�rn Edward Figenschou
Page Number: 2007 09 30
Extract Date: 30-Sep-2007

Betty Ann Lydia Figenschou, nee Ulyate

Betty Ann Lydia Figenschou, nee Ulyate was born June 5th 1939, deceased October 19th 1982, burried at Stokke Church in Stokke, Vestfold, Norway

Her parents; Edward and Sonia, nee Smith

Her siblings:

Diana Nineham, South Africa,

Herbert Ulyate, England,

June Kramwinkel, South africa,

Leoni Ulyate, South Africa.

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Extract Author: Peggy Ulyate
Page Number: 2008 06 19

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I came upon this website by accident whilst looking for my late sister's children in Norway. Her name was Betty Figenschou (nee Ulyate) and she was married to Bjorn. They had four children namely Bjorn, Lynda, Sven and Annelise. I would be delighted to hear from one of them.


Peggy Ulyate

(I am Sven Figenschou's aunt and sister of his later mother Betty Ann Lydia Ulyate. I want to make contact with him and Bjorn his brother and sisters Lynda and Annelise. )

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