Stanley R Ulyate

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Extract Author: Anthony Harvey
Page Number: 2007 07 05

Searching Stanley R Ulyate

I am trying to trace Stanley R Ulyate, who was the best man at my wedding in August 1963.

He is +/- 65 went to Arusha school, his father, I believe, was a Magistrate during the Mau Mau crisis.

He went into the hotel business, serving his 'apprenticeship' at the Dorchester Hotel London. He was, during his business career, manager at the Vic. Falls hotel in Zimbabwe (that once wonderful country).

I lost contact with Stan when he immigrated to Australia. If anyone in the Ulyate clan knows of his whereabouts, I would appreciate an address (preferably and e-mail) and/or 'phone number.

Kind regards

Anthony Harvey

PS My address in England is:-

[please ask]

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