Turben Herfort

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Mercer, Graham Tarangire
Page Number: c
Extract Date: 1928

Another neighbour of the Blixens

Another neighbour of the Blixens, a Dane called Turben Herfort, ran the Ndasagu Estate for Ake Bursell (once manager of Karen Blixen's farm outside Nairobi). Herfort apparently had an enormous appetite for food, drink and women. A friend once bet him that he couldn't eat an entire sheep and drink a whole crate of beer within 12 hours. Herfort not only accomplished this but also polished off a four-course meal at his friend's expense. When he died some time later his liver was found to be virtually non-functional. But the Dane was an intelligent man and a good manager; the coffee farm he managed was (unlike Karen Blixen's) very successful.

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