Monica Dauber

Now Harper

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Extract Author: Monica Harper nee DAUBER
Page Number: 2007 08 05
Extract Date: 1960's

Message for Sarah Slater nee Burnett.

I remember your family well. They lived two doors away and I vividly remember being taken to see Patrick when he was first born. He had an amazing wooden cot!

Sarah, your mother was a really talented artist and my father treasued a picture she gave him. The Arusha school site is very nostalgic!! BL Jones, Mrs Fischer, etc. etc.

I am going to Arusha in September to climb Kili before I get too old!!

Hope to see the tortoise, it was still there in 1995 when I was last there.

Yes, I remember the McPhillips family; what about the de Haaf boys? Do you remeber the Christmas Parties at the Club?

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