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The Electronic Telegraph
Extract Date: 26/08/2004

Paul Ngei tries acting

Telegraph Obituary

Having studied drama at Makere , he tried his hand at acting, gaining a small part in the feature film, Where No Vultures Fly (1951), which starred Anthony Steel and Dinah Sheridan.

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Laura Ngei
Page Number: 2007 08 05

To have the Africans as uncredited in this movie is ridiculous. My father Paul Ngei and other Africans acted this movie and to discredit all is the actors that are African in this movie,when they worked hard to make it, is a depiction of pre-colonial era that continues in the world today. This is a world class tourist destination and the eighth wonder of the world. Give it is its dues so that those after can cherish the work of their ancestors.


I couldn't agree more, and the more I collect references to the history of Northern Tanzania, the more I realise that it is all from a white, and often colonial, perspective. If I spoke and read Swahili, then perhaps I could do more to correct the imbalance.

For example recently I've found reference to the Tanzanian who guided Meyer to the top of Kilimanjaro for the "first ascent of the mountain". But there's little reference to him in any of the written sources, but I'm trying to find what I can to add to the site.

Unfortunately my web site doesn't tell me which page you were on when you called up the feedback, so I have to ask which film it was in which your father acted, so I can give him the credit. Otherwise I can only apologise for my source - which I'm guessing was the Internet Movie Database, for the lack of recognition and respect.

Just now doing an internet search I find the Obituary for your father printed in the UK Daily Telegraph which includes " Having studied drama at Makere , he tried his hand at acting, gaining a small part in the feature film, Where No Vultures Fly (1951), which starred Anthony Steel and Dinah Sheridan."

I shall add this quote to the web site.

I also see that he has an entry in the IMDB and is listed in the full film credits, which are the source I used

Maybe there was another film in which he acted?

The reason I've included the Film "Where No Vultures Fly", even though it was set and filmed in Kenya, is that I remember seeing it as a small boy living in Arusha, and the issues it raises relate to all of East Africa.

By the way - have you seen the book "Africa on Film" by Kenneth Cameron (0-8264-0658-0).

2007 09 09 Thank you David for your timely reply.The website Where No Vultures Fly - credits, extract ID 4294.

Initially, when I did research this movie - Where No Vultures Fly- I came across website that listed all the actors� names and the roles they played. However, when I looked to see which part Paul Ngei played, 'Ondego,' I saw that beside his name was uncredited written in parenthesis. This to my understanding is that there are doubts to whether it was he that played, 'Ondego'. Well, I watched this movie, and I do verify that it is indeed Paul Ngei who starred in this movie as 'Ondego'.

This movie won royal accolade. More than entertain, I believe it told a story that sparked commencement of the conservation of wildlife in that part of East Africa. This is now today one of the eight wonders of the world.

It would also nice to have all the other Africans recognized too. Though they were not professional actors, this was a one-time deal, and some of them moved on to do greater things. Whatsoever minimal roles they played, I believe they do deserve proper recognition. It is my sincere hope that your website will do the proper thing and rectify this �by deleting the word unaccredited� that is alongside the list of all the African actors.

I see all other actors have been credited, and doubt remains where the Africans played a role in producing the movie. I have the movie and would be glad to share it with you, and also see that all the other actors are represented fairly in the roles they played.

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