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Howgego, Raymond John Gertrude Emily Benham (1867-1938) English mountaineer, traveller and collector
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Extract Date: 1909


Howgego, Raymond John, Gertrude Emily Benham: a "very quiet and harmless traveller", 2007, 30-page typescript ms. in the Royal Geographical Society Library, pamphlets collection.

Primary sources:

The confidential file recording Benham's movements on the Indo-Tibetan border (1923-27) is in the British Library's Oriental and India Office Collection (ref: L/P & S/10/1014-2 File P.3971/1921 Pt 8 53ff). Letters from Benham can also be found in the archives of the Royal Geographical Society and Natural History Museum. The Archives New Zealand, Te Rua Mahara o te Kawanatagana, has letters from Benham regarding her confrontations with South Island guides, their responses, newspaper clippings, etc.

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Secondary sources:

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