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Charles Didham. Arusha School 1958-1960

My parents Major Richard and Lallie Didham had a farm in Sanya Juu from 1951 until 1961. We were neighbors to Bill and Nana Seitz, The Barratts and The Goodmans, I remember the children well. We used to get together on special occasions like birthdays and have huge parties. One time at our house a match found its way into the box of fireworks, what followed was like W.W. 3 for about thirty seconds!

I also went to Arusha School from 1958 until 1960. Interestingly enough I went back there in January this year to show my wife and children where I was raised. It was a very nostalgic trip. I met David Read for lunch one day and we reminisced about the old days but also were enthusiastic about the future. I would like to reestablish contact with anyone who in interested.

Charles Didham

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Extract Author: Daniel Von mutius
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momella, sanya juu and arusha

I have just read the msg left by Charles Didham.

Nana and Bill Seitz are my grandparents. Unfortunately both of whom have passed away. They had 3 children, Barry, berti and Christa.

Barry and Berti (my father) are sadly both deceased. Christa is now living in henley-on-thames in England.

Barry married Johanna and they had one child Oliver. They both now live back in germany.

My Mother, Stephanie von Mutius, is currently living in england. Her familly the Pierre-nina's still resides in Arusha at oldonyo-orok lodge (now called 'Hatari Lodge') and ngaresero lodge in Usa River.

I would love to get in contact with anyone who knew any of the above mentioned people or anyone associated to them.


Daniel von Mutius

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