Priya Behal

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Extract Author: Zainab Khanbhai
Page Number: 2008 05 30
Extract Date: 1973 - 1983

Zainab Khanbhai - Arusha School - 1973 - 1983

connecting with fellow students from Arusha School btw 1973 - 1983

Greetings from Canada.

This is a wonderful site. It helped me read about my old classmates and my wonderful teacher, Mrs Ngowi, and all the other teachers who had taught us during that time. Good luck to Mrs Ngowi and I must say that she did give wonderful years to Arusha School and I very much remember her wonderful sense of humour. She instilled a lot of confidence in her students and took out the best making them believe in themselves. I miss her and all those wonderful times. That was the best times of our lives. I don't believe that era can ever come back.

I was sorry to hear that Mrs Musana has passed away, another wonderful, pleasant teacher who was always laughing. I tried to connect with her but couldn't succeed. Can anyone help me? I also noticed that Priya Behal has communicated with this site but no contact number or add. It would be great to connect again and rekindle all the memories again. Thank you and looking forward to your emails.

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Page Number: 2007 08 21
Extract Date: 1979 - 1984

Priya and Rakhi Behal, Arusha School 1979 - 1984

We attended Arusha School from 1979 - 1984. We would like to get in touch with anyone who would be interested in walking down memory lane and sharing fond memories with us.

I, Priya Behal, studied with Fiona Musana and I am sorry to hear about Mrs.Musana - who was an excellent English teacher. Hope to hear from some one from that period.... What a wonderful idea this alumni is. Please keep it up.

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Page Number: 2007 09 01

Arusha School from 1979 - 1983

I studied In Arusha School from 1979 - 1983. Nice to read about Fiona Musana who happened to be my classmate. Please print this message for her and any other friends from that era"..Keep up the good work.

PS this is my second email in a month and I was sincerely hoping to hear from someone....anyone??? or even see a few words printed on the web.... Thanks

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