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Extract Author: Colin Tucker
Page Number: 2007 11 06

my father, D.E.A. Tucker, was a Customs Officer

I stumbled on your website via Google, and found it fascinating, though it doesn't overlap very much with my life. I was born in Dar in 1941, where my father, D.E.A. Tucker, was a Customs Officer, and left overland to Alexandria in 1945. We later returned to Mombasa, where we lived until 1951. I recently began to get more and more interested in my parents' life: they married in Morogoro in 1930, and that's the period I'm most concerned with - what was their life like there? (I stupidly, with the arrogance of youth, never quizzed them properly).

Anyway, I'd be most grateful if you could at some stage find some time to steer me in the direction of any sources of memoirs of that period. A tedious request, I realise, and I quite understand if you put it very low on your list of priorities.

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