Weru Weru

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Conner, Shaun Memories of Colonel T.S.Conner DSO KPM
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Extract Date: 1947

I thought there might be some interest in my late Uncle, Colonel T.S. Conner DSO. KPM, (known everywhere as "The Colonel"), so I thought I would let you have a small history of his and my families life in Tanzania, together with names I remember from the 1960's and 70's. I am also attaching some photographs which I thought maybe of interest.

The Col and his American wife, Jo, arrived in Mombasa from India in 1947 en route to South Africa following his retirement from the Indian Army. They had an American Willis Jeep which they had brought from India and set off to explore East Africa for a few months before departing for SA. However, they decided to stay and purchased a small farm somewhere not far from Nairobi. A short while later the Col heard that farms were being offered to soldier settlers in Tanganyika with the help of a loan from the Land Bank. He put his name forward and though questioned about being a little old (52) he was granted 3 lots as one farm in Oldeani, which he named Kongoni Estate. He and his wife then set about farming the land of which he had little knowledge save for being apprenticed to a Tea Planter in India before the First World War!

He farmed coffee wheat and barley as far as I can remember. He also had a fine heard of cattle. Sadly in 1950 Jo died in America of cancer. She had gone home to have a thorough check up, both unaware of how ill she must have been, but she never returned to Tanganyika. She did however organise to have all sorts of much needed farming machinery shipped over to Africa and in the following years, the Col together with his manager Van Wyke built up one of the most successful farms in Tanganyika. Success allowed him to buy 3 other farms, New Brandon Estate in Oldiani, Swiss Estate in Arusha and Little Kongoni Estate at Weru Weru, just 9 miles from Moshi. The Col offered many members of his family the chance to change their lives and come out to work for him.

In 1952 his niece Eileen and her husband Paddy Purchase arrived. Paddy built a house for them on the farm and their 3 children, Melody, Rosemary and Nigel, spent their early years in Oldeani before they moved to Arusha and Dar and then Kenya.

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Conner, Shaun Memories of Colonel T.S.Conner DSO KPM
Page Number: 10

My Uncle outside our house at Weru Weru

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