Charles Hodgson

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Conner, Shaun Memories of Colonel T.S.Conner DSO KPM
Page Number: 04
Extract Date: 1963

Car Accident

My father, Major Eric Conner, the Cols brother, came out in 1963 to help run the farms and my mother Freda and I joined him in 1964. We lived at Little Kongoni Estate at Weru Weru and I was sent to Arusha School which I loved and have corresponded with you about before.

In 1967 the Col decided it was time to leave Oldiani. Many of the original farmers had sold and left some years before and he wasn't getting any younger. His manager of 25 years, Van Wyke, wanted to go back to SA and so he sold up and bought the much smaller Ogaden Estate, just outside Arusha on the Moshi road. This farm is now owned by Edward Mtee who was the Tanzanian Finance Minister and we visited him there in 1988 whilst attending a wedding at the Marangu Hotel. Ogaden Estate was purchased from a Col Minnery who was returning to the UK and I believe the farm had been named after his Army experiences in that part of Africa.

My father and my Uncle modernised and ran this farm but in 1968 my father had a bad car accident whilst driving into Arusha to collect the wages for the farm workers. It was a foggy morning and he was suddenly confronted in his car with a lorry that had stopped completely and he veered off the road and was thrown from the car. He ended up hours later in Arusha Hospital with a 10th of an inch from having a completely broken neck and a friend of theirs, a retired Nurse called Jane Hodgson, visited him, took one look and brought him home to her house and nursed him to recovery.

My father never doubted that she saved his life! Jane was married to Charles Hodgson (no relation to the Hodgson's mentioned earlier) who i believe opened Barclays bank branches all over Africa, a delightful man, who when i knew him, was badly crippled and walked with two sticks.

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