Tanganyika Police

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Extract Author: Dr. Arshad Kamal Khan
Page Number: 2008 02 17
Extract Date: 1950's

Tanganyika Police

I would like to contribute to your pages by providing some historical details about the Police in Tanganyika and also names of some members of the Police Force. These details will be in context to my fathers career as a Colonial Police Officer. I hope that some members would be interested to know about the famous Osale Otango in Tanga District.

Please do inform me whether this would be possible on your website.

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Extract Author: Andy Oliver
Page Number: 2008 11 30
Extract Date: 30-Nov-2008

Tanganyika Police

I have been researching details of my Grandfather through the first World War and discovered that he left the Army and joined The Tanganyika Police Force around 1925.

I do know that he died and was buried in Lushoto.

His name was George Olliver and I believe made the rank of superintendant.

Any information of his life in East Africa would be gratefully received.

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Extract Author: Andrew Olliver
Page Number: 2009 01 26
Extract Date: 26-Jan-2009

Tanganyika Police ~ Dr Arshad Kamal Khan

I am researching details of my Grandfather who decommisioned from the army after WW1 and served in the Met. Police before joining the police service of British Somaliland. He then ended up in the Tanganyika Police force ending his days in Lushoto in the early 1960.

His name was George Olliver. I would love to know if your father ever met him or has any records of his service as they would have been serving in Tanzania around the same time.

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