Bernard and Freda Wallace

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Extract Author: Martin Davis
Extract Date: 23 Dec 2002

Davis Family - Arusha School 1957

Dear David,

I have been speaking to my sister Joan, she say's she remembers a Bob and Margaret Young who lived just outside Moshi, she visited them with our father Basil Davis. Are these the same people you mentioned!!

Maybe Margaret will remember the following people that Joan can recall:

Gran and Kitty Whitworh he was a captain in the East African Rifles.

Bernard and Freda Wallace they had a farm between Moshi and Arusha.

Drino and Winnie Baskira (they were Italian) and Drink used to go to the Crater with my Father.

Joan was at Arusha School until 1957!! she remembers a boy called Stuart Webb??

Just some more info

Happy Christmas to you all!!


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