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Extract Author: S. Lisette Micek (Moulinie)
Page Number: 2008 02 27a
Extract Date: 1957 - 61

Arusha School feedback

I've spent hours discovering the various messages, photos.

I recognized and remembered Jane Holton from her photo, and Marjorie as well.

I remember the school photo, and the discipline it took to get us all to sit still and squeeze in! I am in the 2nd row, 5th from the right with short brown hair.

If Karsten Lund reads this, I would love to have his sister, Birgit's contact information.

Also David Holmes -- a family friend--who lost a shoe out of the train window on the trip to Arusha. I would get on, I believe in Morogwe at 10 pm and we'd arrive at 1 PM the next day. The highlight of the trip was anticipating the bathing villagers in the rivers along the way.

Someone mentioned an earthquake in 1963, after my time. There was another one in 1956 thru 59 because in the long dormitory, with the highly polished floor, when we awoke in the morning our beds had slid across the room and were quite out of order--slippers everywhere. We were fascinated.

I often think of the matron waking us up very early, carrying her little alcohol jar of thermometers as she walked from one bed to another popping in the thermometer, shaking it down, while her shoes squeaked on the polished floor. She always seemed to find one child with a fever.

There was an annual event, possibly sports day, when there was a parents race. One Mum was tall and ran really fast and always won the race.

And later: (4th March)

Lisette Moulinie is the way I was known at Arusha School.

I have gleaned some answers to my own questions from your website since I wrote"

Mrs White was the music teacher with the blue rinse hairdo.

I believe Leslie's surname was Teasdale and she came from Moshi.

I have actually connected with Birgit Lund this past week and look forward to continuing our relationship after 50 years!

I live in California, a long way from Arusha, and work as an Occupational Health Nurse in the semi-conductor industry. Thank you again for maintaining such a wonderful website.

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