Judith Ward

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Extract Author: Judith Andersson (nee Ward)
Page Number: 2008 02 28
Extract Date: 1954-1958

Mbeya School 1954-1958

Trying to connect with anyone who was at Mbeya during this period. Fond memories - unfortunately no pictures. Would like to construct a sketch (from memory) of the 'river garden'. We were a Barclays family living in Dar.

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Roger Goodwill
Page Number: 2008 12 04
Extract Date: 1956 / 1957

Mbeya School

I was at Mbeya School around 1956 / 1957 - Stuart House I think (the Blue one?) - fond memories indeed. The valley gardens and Sunday walks into the bush - I can still recall the sound of the generator up on Mbeya Peak (radio beacon I think)

We were stationed in Iringa at the time - a 3 day bus ride to Nairobi when parents moved - on the old EAR & H buses (girls in the front, boys in the back on wooden seats)

Would like to get in touch with Judith Ward if possible - we were also a Barclays family - frequent postings meant 13 schools in all - Mbeya a fond one. Now in Australia

Great Website !

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