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Extract Author: June Bugenyi
Page Number: 2007 10 30
Extract Date: 1976- 80

June Bugenyi. Arusha School 1976-1980

Hi guys, I am June Bugenyi and I was at Arusha School between 1976 and 1980. I was going through the internet and I came across this website and I was reading at the stories and I have been really touched�it has reminded me of the people whom I thought I will never ever see them..

My teachers- Late Ms Smith, Ms Heddles, Mrs D'Souza, Mrs J Musana, Mrs M Musana, Mr Kaale, Mr Mkombo, Mrs Enock�

My mates- Eunice Bilal, Malaika Feeley, Patricia Shango, Beatha Mworia

Not fogetting my team NORTH- I am telling you until this day I like green because of NORTH house in Arusha School.

I am currently in the UK working (has been here for about 2 and half years now�finished my Masters then desired to work here�still settling in. I do plan to go to Tanzania late this year or early next year and I will go to Arusha School.

Please may we keep in touch and share the precious memories we had when we were children.

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Malaika Feeley
Page Number: 2008 10 07
Extract Date: 1976-82

Malaika Feeley ~ Arusha School 1976-1982

I attended Arusha School 1976-1982. I do have many fond memories of the school. I just read what Joan Bugembi wrote about a few of her school mates and I do remember her very well, I hope she gets my email so we can communicate.

The best times of Arusha School were the times when we had sports day and swimming gala. I know I made lots of friends and enemies but it was all good. One had to win and accept loosing. I am now in New York with my family. I do visit Arusha often but I see Arusha School from a distance, I did run into Mrs Redding at the New Arusha Hotel enjoying her evening cup of tea.

My sibblings who also attended Arusha School are

Mary Feeley-Barth 1977-1983,

Christopher Feeley 1976-1984, Patricia Feeley.

David thank you for having this website to refresh our fond memories of Arusha School.

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