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Extract Author: Richard Allen
Page Number: 2008 03 23
Extract Date: 1950-61

11 years of my life in Northern Tanganyika

Having been born in Arusha in 1950 and living the next 11 years of my life in Northern Tanganyika I find the personal memories of others in your website interesting and fascinating.

Many thanks for your hard efforts.

My 11 years were spent, along with my family, in the villages of Kondoa, Babati and finally Biharamulo, West Lake Province. My memory of years isn't too bright but we lived in each location for approximately 3 years before moving on to the next, except Kondoa where my Father John 'Jack' Allen spent 2 tours.

My early education, along with my brothers David Allen the elder and Robert Allen the younger, was undertaken in the HRH Aga Khan School, Babati, where my Mother Marjorie Allen was the teacher and co-founder of the school. Brother David started at Mbeya School at some stage during this tour in Babati.

On moving to Biharamulo in 1958/59 my younger brother and I were sent to Mbeya School and David started at St Michaels, Iringa. I have many happy, and some more painful, memories of Mbeya. The House (Wallington) Matron living in her flat at the end of the dormitory, The fear of the House Masters flexible black rubber 'tacky', Mr Morgan (I think) running the Cub Scout pack. Birthday teas, Saturday letter writing home followed by a visit to the Tuck shop and a film in the afternoon, Sundays visit to the River Garden, and many more.

On my Mothers death I found that she had kept a large number of those Saturday letters home and amongst them was a sketch of the River Gardens as drawn by a not so budding artist. This last may be of help to Judith Anderson

On a different tack, before his death, my Father wrote part of his life story. The story begins in Notttingham, UK, and goes on to his move to Tanganyika in 1928, at 13 years old, with his parents to an estate in Sao Hill. It tracks his life in the nTZ area during the 30s to joining and leaving the East African Army between the years 39 - 42. Unfortunately he didn't have time to continue the story further.

I have now copied this story to PC along with photos taken at the time and would be happy to pass on a copy to you if it interests you.

By way of interest, Sao Hill is named after the estate my Grandfather named and ran and subsequently where he built the Highlands Hotel in said place.

Again many thanks for your informative and entertaining website.

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Richard Allen
Page Number: 2008 06 03

Down Memory Lane in Tanganyika

Thank you for replying to my ntz Feedback.

My apologies for being a bit slow in replying. After having a chat with my brother David over any copyright issues he may have, I am happy to say that he has no concerns regarding my fathers memoirs and I also confirm that they have never been published and therefore no third parties are involved. If you have the time to read through them you may find extracts that may be of interest to members of the ntz community. If so please don't hesitate to use them.

Unfortunately, due to the size of the file containing the memoirs and photographs is somewhere in the region of 14Mb so I attach a copy minus the photographs.

Whilst reading the story it may be of interest to view the photographs which are available at the following web address;

I hope you enjoy the story,

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