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Donald Palmer Wilson

I just love your website - its brought me the closest to Donald Palmer Wilson than any other. He is a very close friend to my family. I never met him cause I left Tanzania when I was 10 months old in 1977.

Donald and my parents used to go hunting together - more about the bush camping than about the hunt really - in the 60's. I have head some tall tales about their time together. Last I heard he had moved back to the US.

I have been searching on and off for some time now until I stumbled on Robert's message on your website.

Did Robert find him? Is he well? I have moved back to Tanzania 6 months ago and his memories are so potent here. Please share my email with Robert and anyone else with info.

My name is Serena - I am the youngest of Tony and Joyce Almeida's 4 children. My Sister's name is Susan and I have 2 brothers; Sebastian(Sabby) and Sanford. We were based in Dar Es Salaam and 'Uncle' Donald was a huge part of the family.

If anyone can help�.

Good luck to you all. The pictures that you share here mean a lot to me too� its truly heart warming to be able to look at my home country in the old days.



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