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Extract Author: Michael McPhillips
Page Number: 2005 02 04

to Sarah Burnett

I am Michael McPhillips and have come across your message

Nine Kids . My Father was the Resident Magistrate and my mother a doctor. Both parents are deceased as are two of my sisters

Declan (Brother) was in Arusha school. Nick and Bizzy Cashin were our neighbours and lived overlooking the rugby field.

We (my family) are heading to Arusha in April.

I remember the grocer and how we were able to put our sweets on the account,!!

I�ve blind copied this to Sarah, and perhaps she will be in touch with you for a few more reminiscences.

Do consider sending an email after you visit in April, I�m sure there will be many interested in any account you have of the changes you observe.

I may also be in Arusha in April" maybe we�ll bump into each other somewhere.

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Nigel Birch
Page Number: 2008 05 03
Extract Date: 1963-1965

Nigel Birch ~ Arusha School 1963-1965

I attended Arusha school from about 1963-1965, boarding for the last 2 terms. My father was Dr Norman Birch, who worked in Arusha, then moved to Tanga and finally Dar es Salaam. My memories of Arusha school are distant - I was only 9 when I left. I remember the tortoise, snakes kept in a tank by the headmaster - Mr Jones.

I remember an earth tremor that frightened the life out of me. Also I had measles and ended up in the san and missed sports day.

The family friends we had were the McPhillips a large catholic famaily - Mrs McPhillips being a doctor and Mr McPhillips a magistrate. Also the Cashin's - Nick was a friend. Mr Cashin worked for Pubic Works - on roads I believe.

Good to see a website with memories from people of that time.

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