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Extract Author: Lars Urban
Page Number: 2008 05 07
Extract Date: 1924

Margot Rydon

I�m writing you on behalf of Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin/ Germany. In connection with the restoration of an aircraft of our collection it would be very important for me to get into contact with family members of Margot Rydon.

The aircraft was once owned by a famous pilot. His name was Ernst Udet. In 1924 he came into contact with Margot Rydon. By that time her name was von Einsiedel and it would be very helpful to know something more about her and her relation with Ernst Udet and maybe some documents or memories have survived which can help us with our restoration project.

I think that there is a possibility for that since Ernst Udet was for movie work in Tanzania from November 1930 to March 1931.

Yours sincerely

Lars Urban

Aeronautics Departement

Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin

Can anyone help?

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