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Arusha School Magazine
Page Number: 06-07
Extract Date: 1956

St Mary's Square ~ Guides ~ Scouts and Cubs ~ Swimming

St. Mary's Square

Amid the beauties of Venice, with its quaint old houses and picturesque gondolas, that travel under bridges and through narrow alleys, lies St. Mark's Square. Pigeons flutter round the domes and steeples of the peaceful churches and mix with the gathering crowds of sightseers. Dark Italians with their children, chattering away to their friends, are a common sight. The' Doge's Palace can be seen in the distance with its green, domed roof. St. Mark's is near the statibn, but on the Grand Canal and to get there one goes by water-bus or by gondola. On either side lie shops.

Looking at the exterior of the church for the first time gives one a great thrill, for it is very old and beautiful. The massive wooden doors, with the people thronging in and out, are the very safeguard of the church.

Inside, the roof is decorated with wonderful paintings, stretching far and wide. The wooden seats are deep and strong upon the cold stone floor. One part of the church is undergoing repair. The altar is of pure gold, a nd is embedded in a glass case at the far end of the church. On the left side is another altar, lighted dimly with candles. Everything inside is dim and slightly musty. Out through the exit and into the brilliant sunshine, one emerges, feeling a little dazed, but pleased.

Christine Clogger Aged 12 years


The 1st Arusha Company has been in existence for many years. Miss Lovell is now our Captain but our former Captain was Mrs. Jenkinson.

We have had great excitement this year. At the beginning the guides went on a picnic with our Captain along the river. We made fires and generally had good fun.

In the second term of this year we marched in the parade on Queen's Day and also on the Remembrance of the Battle of Britain Sunday.

We have a guide house and each patrol has its own corner which we find very useful.

We are going on another picnic with our Captain and we know it will be a success like the last one.

We wish Miss Lovell, our Captain, great luck in her guiding.

Helen Landcastle

Scouts and Cubs

There have been some eighteen scouts in the troop this year. Of last year's scouts only five were left, so most of the first term was taken up with Tenderfoot Tests. Each week the scout hour has begun with the Flag Break and most weeks a scout has been invested. Usually a short time has been spent in instruction in some kind of scout-craft before either doing some practical scout work or playing a" wide" game. Twice a rope bridge has been built across the swimming pool. On the second occasion a guide who happened to be passing, volunteered to cross and to the great enjoyment of the troop fell in. Still, it was her turn to laugh when the bridge broke and in fell a scout.

A weekend camp was held in the third term at Mr. Hinds's farm at Ngongongare. Practically the whole troop attended, enjoyed the camp and came home tired and sunburnt. The bathing was great fun and the efforts to dam a small stream were strenuous if somewhat futile.

Each Wednesday the Cubs' yell has continued to be heard coming from the old tennis court. Much better progress has been made this year in the passing of tests. By the end of the year nearly all the cubs will have got" one eye open." Cock fighting still is the favourite team game, and it is always" Let's have Mau Mau and Police" when it is time for wide games.

W. E. Morgan

Swimming Sports

The School House Swimming Sports were held in the first term of 1955. There were all the usual races and diving and also a bedtime race in which the competitors had to swim with a lighted candle. Another amusing race was the obstacle race, and diving for stones always causes great excitement.

Outstanding swimmers in both Houses were : Gilda Troup, David Phibbs and Jean More in North House, and Lise Larsen, Michael Aylward and Stephan Wechsler in South House, all of whom have won their swimming colours.

The Swimming Shield was won by South House, who beat North by only a few points. At the end of the sports Mr. Hamshere and Mr. Johnston appeared at the edge of the pool dressed as two old ladies in peculiar hats and frilly dresses. They both stood shivering at the end of the pool, but finally they jumped in, losing their hats as they swam around.

The sports were very enjoyable and we all hope next year's Swimming Sports will prove as interesting as these.

Lise Larsen Aged 12 years

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