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Arusha School Magazine
Page Number: 06-07
Extract Date: 1957

Princess Margaret ~ Autumn ~ Red Cross Fete ~ Swimming

My First Glimpse of Princess Margaret

Children with flags in their hands, chatted to one another, waiting impatiently for the arrival of Princess Margaret.

There was still a quarter of an hour left, but slowly the minutes ticked off, one by one, and at last cheers could be heard from the crowd as a grey car with the Governor and Princess Margaret drove slowly by. The Princess looked very beautiful, and she was wearing a charming blue dress and hat. She waved her hand as the crowd cheered louder and louder. We all waved our flags as hard as we could and shouted at the tops of our voices.

As the cheers near us slowly died away, I could hear other cheers in the upper street where the Guides and more Europeans stood. We waited for all the cars to pass by, which were coming from the Airport, but they never seemed to finish. At last a Policeman stopped the cars so that we could pass. We reached the entrance to the school drive where the letters at the top of a huge arch stood boldly welcoming the Princess. We stopped and some children collected our flags. We then ran into our dormitories merrily. I could not believe that I had really seen Princess Margaret. But I was still happy because the next day we would go to the Baraza and see her more clearly. Princess Margaret was the first member of the Royal Family I had ever seen.

Aspasia Aslanis 13 years


On June 30th we had the Red Cross F�te held in the School grounds. In the morning the School children helped set up some of the stalls. When the afternoon came we all had a lovely time looking round the various stalls and especially waiting to have rides on the school horses. There was a film called "Abbot and Costello" and a fortune teller named "Madame Zodiac". The stalls which contributed the largest amount to the total, were the bottle-stall, the cakes and sweets stall and also the book stall where many children bought annuals and other story books.

The Red Cross F�te was a big success and everybody enjoyed it very much.

Janet Simpson 12 years


The Swimming Sports, as usual, were held in the first term of the year on Saturday, 24th March, 1956. This year the Swimming Shield was won by South House who beat North House by only a few points.

There were all the usual events including style diving, and Breast stroke style. One event which caused great excitement was the Obstacle Race, in which competitors had to go to the bottom of the pool and bring up a stone and put it out on the edge. Then they had to go through a tyre, swim to the shallow end and blow a balloon until it burst. Lastly they had to eat a banana off a plate and bring the plate with the banana peel back to the deep end. There were sixteen events altogether most of which were speed races.

Outstanding swimmers in both houses were Edda von Wedel, Robin Gemmell and Susan Phibbs in North House, and Margaret von Lekow, John Boswell, and Anna Shute in South House, all of whom have won their colours.

The Sports ended with the presentation of the Swimming Shield. Mr. Hamshere asked Mrs. White to present the Shield to John Boswell of South House.

EIRA Jones

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