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Arusha School Magazine
Page Number: 08-09
Extract Date: 1957

Football ~ Piano Recital


Football was played, as usual, in the second term of the year. The senior match was played on the 10th July.

North had the kick off, and in the first half scored five goals. In the second half, two goals were scored by North, making a total score of seven goals to South's nil. The outstanding players were George Afentakis, Melville Ueckermann, Ronald Coxall, Patrick Mahon and Robin Gemmell.

The Captain of the South was Melville Ueckermann and the Captain of the North was Robin Gemmell.

The Junior match was played on the 12th July. The Captain of the South was Eric Kullander, and the Captain of the North was Erik Jorgensen. The game was won by North. In the first half North scored one goal. At the end of the game the score was 2-0 to North. The outstanding players were Kevin Loxham, Eric Kullander, Erik Jorgensen, Ferruccio Palmarini and John Hazel.

North had won both matches so they won the Challenge Cup.

Robin GEMMELL 13 years

Piano Recital by Ian Houston

On Saturday, June 16th, Arusha School was honoured by a visit from Ian Houston, a young Nairobi pianist. The first piece of music he played, was called "Presto". It was an exciting and thrilling piece, composed by Galuppi. He also played a Polonaise in A minor by Chopin and various pieces by Rachmaninov. We were very interested to hear two Bagatelles which Ian Houston had composed himself. Altogether his playing was most enjoyable and we called him back for several encores. At the end of the performance some of us asked him for his autograph, before he left to give a concert at the Little Theatre.

Marion Cleton 12 years.

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