Susan Phibbs

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Arusha School Magazine
Page Number: 24-25
Extract Date: 1957

The Arab ~ Local Study by Std IV


Local Study is done in the third term of the year and only by Standards IV and Iva. Before we went out for local study we were divided into four groups with about six people to each group and we usually go out on a Thursday morning. The first time I went on local study was September 27th, 1956, when we went on a Township Survey. Each group leader chose two people to study a road one on each side. We had to see what the name of the shop was and what it sold, and then write it down in our book. The next place we went to was Daresco which is owned by Mr. Bayer. Daresco supplies the electricity for the whole town.

The same day we went to Amekas Macaroni Industry, which is owned by Mr. Stylianou. We saw the macaroni going through different kinds of pipes and machines, and Mr. Stylianou gave us a box of macaroni.

The next week was very exciting because we went to Oljoro for the day in a lorry. We went to three farms and went to a cattle auction and we had a picnic by a river. Then we went to Mr. Boardman's house where we had tea and a fishing contest. The next week we went to the Police Headquarters where we met Mr. Clogger who talked about the Police, then we went up to the Boma and had our finger prints taken, and looked round the Boma. The next Thursday we went to the P.W.D. which stands for Public Works Department, and we were shown round by Mr. Patient.

The next time we went on local study we went to the Town Hall where Mr. Green, the town clerk, talked to us about government. The next week we went to the Town Hall again. Then the last week we had on local study we went to the Boma again and were shown round by Mr. Jones. I think local study is a very interesting lesson.

Susan Phibbs (Aged) 11 years

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